Ultimate Power Wheels Race! KTM 450 VS CRF 450 VS CRF 230
Ultimate Power Wheels Race! KTM 450 VS CRF 450 VS CRF 230

100 thoughts on “Ultimate Power Wheels Race! KTM 450 VS CRF 450 VS CRF 230”

  1. CONRAD WILEY says:

    Hey ! That's My Extension *

  2. Niño The Guanako Serpas says:

    I need one 😂in my life

  3. GeorgePlayz Roblox says:

    Bro what are these kids I am 11 I drive real car dude manual transmission brotha it’s not easy but I can it get easier 9 I drove one time but now I am 11

  4. Derek Backofen says:

    That’s hilariously cool I’ve always wanted to try that

  5. ScienceofSpeed says:

    You guys need to make a YouTube Barbie Car Challenge, and the best one wins! I love this so much, i literally found a power wheels on the side of the road and IM gonna start making my own once my turbo prelude fab project is done. This is gonna become a huge hit.

  6. Fun With Guns says:

    You guys are amazing 🤙

  7. Templar Surfa says:

    This would be a dream come true if I had one of these baby rockets lol

  8. Chris Lesemann says:

    That's prick flagged you and made you lose because they are dumb

  9. Sam’s Garage says:

    That Jeep is amazing.Great show.

  10. Gabriel Silvah says:

    Motor xj6

  11. Gabriel Silvah says:

    Motor xj6 card Pink

  12. Hugo Calero says:

    3:02 WTF the left wheel??🤣

  13. MrSavon42 says:

    Real life Mario Kart!

  14. MrSavon42 says:

    Princess, Browser, and Mario.

  15. vegasheat71 says:

    Exactly what I wanted when I was a kid. And now even more so as an adult! 😎

  16. MOBILE RELM says:

    This is the starting of Mario Cart in real life

  17. ROBLOX Fortnite gamer says:

    Sender Ella is great it has way to much power way to much grip and to good of a suspencion

  18. cristopher orellana matus says:


  19. Jesse Tibbets says:

    What are you guys using for rear ends and shift setups??

  20. Jeremiah Day says:

    Castle rock co. ??

  21. Raymen Brown says:

    At 6:00 shes so amazing i can tell💕😍😍

  22. Justin Miller says:

    Castle Rock, WA?

  23. Alex Perez says:

    thats some mario kart shit i love it jajaja

  24. Jordan Kons says:

    that jeep is my favorate

  25. Олег Ожегов says:

    Как же это круто и весело😄😄

  26. riptheebrake gaming says:

    Of course the original won with no faults ❤️ even if it won because the Jeep got called out

  27. bliglum says:

    Looks like IRL MarioKart.

  28. Sam Gabber says:

    This looks like mario kart 😂

  29. Toly Pa says:

    I love This America!!!

  30. Toly Pa says:

    This is the America I want to be in, where is it?

  31. donald studer says:

    That jeep just looks like so much fun I'd love to have my own

  32. soulassassin0g says:

    5:59 she looked so much better with her helmet on.

  33. kita17n says:

    awesome ! now for banana peels, Mario cart

  34. modusop8 says:

    This looks like HELLA FUN !!!!

  35. Danny Lay says:

    A Porchse is no car to take off road.

  36. juliano cesar says:

    seria melhor c ela tivesse ficado de capacete 😢😢5:55

  37. spyker steenkamp says:

    i need one of these in my life

  38. Loraine Jenson says:

    awesome machines! hope you are Seahawks fans too!

  39. trollnU says:

    Yesss!!! Welding in mandalls 🤔

  40. Memo R says:

    this looks just like mario kart

  41. Gester Bryan Adlaon says:

    You have problems on fueling during cornering and High G load during sideways. Add a small fuel pump. tilting the carbs works, just my suggestion. similar to the System of cbr400rr.

  42. Jack T says:

    She's funny.

  43. Jayden Kobelt says:

    What engines is in the sexy Jeep

  44. Mr Left Sock says:

    I absolutely loved the rat rod one made of tools. That was some pretty cool creativity. That is one thing I love most about the human imagination. In all reality, there is absolutely nothing that we can not achieve.. That is.. if we learned to work together with one another, rather than trying to take on the world alone.

  45. Trevor Albright says:

    I want to learn how to build one of these i wanna get one of them ram 1500s and cruise around town

  46. Michael Housen says:

    porsche 911 gt3 lost to a jeep wrangler (a barbie jeep wrangler)

  47. Itz_gray_ 2019 says:

    It’s so satisfying watching these things especially Senderella powerslide around those wide dirt oval corners. I don’t even know why but it is!

  48. Bob Tom says:

    You guys took Mario kart way to serious. Awesome 👍

  49. Ryan Nelson says:

    Mario Car for real…

  50. Arthur MX / BMX says:

    Das is Cool

  51. Wraith FPV says:

    Looks like Mario cart lol

  52. Tj Welty says:

    Dude love your vids come back next year

  53. Jarrod Pelrine says:

    These people are having way too much fun!

  54. Jay custom says:

    Great new sport you all created! This will take like the flu? Everyone will want one or build one now👍👍👍👍💯💯💯💯💯

  55. Curtis Darr says:

    The biker chick is super charming…

  56. Dan B. says:


  57. Gman says:

    I bet you guys buy band-aids in bulk.

  58. Gman says:

    4:30 Hit him with the green shell!

  59. Robert Jacobson says:

    Pow pow powerwheels….powpow powerwheels….POWERWHEELS!!!!!

  60. Player Unknown says:

    That Porsche is gay looking 😂🤣

  61. idriwzrd says:

    Where are the jumps?

  62. 72 Stroker Shovelhead says:

    Man ! That Senderella Jeepster hauls ass ! Great engineering for fun and sport . 👍👍👍 🌟

  63. Nathan Garcia says:

    Any Build spec sheets on the CRF 450 Princess Jeep. Would love to take a Ram 1500 Power Wheels and recreate it as a Mini Version of my Truck. What was the parts cost on the build?

  64. Cluxky says:

    Senderella sends it like crazy

  65. Cluxky says:

    It was right behind it but the trike passed it

  66. Rob T. says:

    Would I be able to talk to you guys about a mainstreaming of actual mini cars. Look at my link please and get back to me. Thanks

  67. Wouldyouglowme says:

    This looks so fun

  68. Ben Wallace says:

    That girl is so thick! Can she please sit on my fat face?

  69. Nicholas Brown says:

    Bewbs! Yeah that racer outfit is hot – just sayin! lol Anyways – that barbie jeep though! damnnnnn! Oh and WONDER BREAD – lol I want that race suit hahaha!

  70. Robin Fillion says:

    luigie mario

  71. Trevor S says:

    Looks like great fun. Real MARIO Kart!

  72. Ben Burton says:

    Im a new sub and im hooked.

  73. Ben Burton says:

    The next build with a r1 engine? Now this is the next people wana see.

  74. ypt.Aaroxn younganXX says:

    Yall should make the porche a 550

  75. electrontube says:

    "I got a trophy?!" "I got a trophy!" So fucking adorable.

  76. Andy K Johnson Johnson says:

    Great video Guys 😊 . That was Awesome 😝😎

  77. MotoNaz RFz says:

    That boy was flying in that Jeep 🚫🧢

  78. nahuel sanchez says:

    hi guys, regards from argentina. I have a question.. is so easy to get that kind of motor 450 in USA?

  79. fernando fffracisco says:

    Sou fã. Brasil

  80. John Taylor says:

    Watch video again & again and smile & laugh.

  81. John Taylor says:

    Tom Slick in the "Thunderbolt Grease Slapper"

  82. Yourbrainon YOUTUBE says:

    That was crap you got flagged.

  83. CGB says:

    The Barbie Jeep, such a flex though 😂😂

  84. Sunny Leuthart says:

    u said 3nd instead of 3rd 😉

  85. Spoony says:

    9:29 sick overtake.

  86. black YTB says:


  87. Chris martin says:

    the porsche looks So f..ing cool

  88. NiveK,s Blogs says:

    Mario kart in RL :v

  89. Benquik Chang Torres says:

    Mario kart!

  90. The Phantom says:

    Me needs and wants that

  91. James Armstrong ELM says:

    I loved this video because my friends and I do this at my farm all of the time. But how come they had to shut down atc’s but drift trikes are allowed. Don’t get me wrong I love drift trikes but come on

  92. RC Воронеж says:


  93. Beast Boy says:

    that girl looked nice, until she took off the helment

  94. C says:

    Watched some races here

  95. Ricardo Doing Damage. says:

    That red porche those looks for nothing.

  96. lol gamer Dj fv2738 says:

    4×4 the Barbi jeep

  97. Codner Twins Kids Show says:

    Wow, that looks 😝☺️

  98. MrmagicalNL says:

    Sub on me❤️💪🏽

  99. Gabriel Vieira says:

    Alguém brasil rapa

  100. Eugenie Haynes says:

    U can to lights in the car s

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