Ultimate tennis ball? – DOG TOY REVIEW | JW ProTEN Hol-ee Roller Dog Toy
Ultimate tennis ball? – DOG TOY REVIEW | JW ProTEN Hol-ee Roller Dog Toy

Greetings everyone and welcome back to another
episode of Tough Toy Tryouts. If this is your first time here, consider
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icon. This week we’re taking a look at another
JW product called the Hol-ee Roller ProTEN. It’s a tennis ball that’s wrapped in a
natural rubber cage which should give the toy a better chance for surviving the week. It comes in two sizes, those being small and
mini, and the small version as seen here is roughly 3 and a half inches in diameter. There’s no squeakers or crackle sounds from
this one but if your dog is addicted to the destruction of tennis balls like mine, you
won’t need them. Assuming you’re an avid viewer of the channel,
you’ll know that we’ve tested another JW product very similar to this one. It was about 3 times the size and I had inserted
a tennis ball within since that’s Story’s favorite thing to destroy. That version of the Hol-ee Roller is still
with us today and continues to be Story’s favorite toy, but we’ll see if that changes
once the week’s out. So, now that we know what we’re testing,
let’s roll this thing on over to Story to see how it holds up after a week’s heavy
abuse. Aaaand here it is! It obviously survived the week but how well
did it perform? Let’s start off with the pros. First things first, the ProTEN Hol-ee Roller
makes for an excellent fetch toy. It has just enough bounce to entertain Story
but not too springy to the point of knocking pictures off the wall when used indoors. The rubber surrounding does an amazing job
of keeping the tennis ball intact as it blocks her teeth from getting good purchase on the
felt as she tries to scalp the poor thing. Even should your pup tear it to shreds, all
of the materials are certified non-toxic. She enjoys shaking it about and chewing it
on the sides of her mouth which gives us some well needed reprieve from constant fetch sessions. As for the cons, I wouldn’t rate this for
aggressive chewers. The rubber–while withstanding Story’s chewing–likely
wouldn’t stand up to a larger breed dog with a history of Kong-toy destruction. I also noticed that chewy has this listed
as a noisemaking toy but it definitely isn’t unless mine came defective. I honestly couldn’t say if I’d prefer
it with a noisemaking element anyways but I might not say no to a bit of crackling to
entice Story into some solo time with the ball. To summarize, JW’s Hol-ee Roller in the
ProTEN version makes for an epic fetch toy but I probably wouldn’t leave it out with
a super aggressive chewer. At under $4 for the small version and under
3 for the mini, it definitely won’t break the bank and Story would positively recommend
this to any dog with a tennis ball fetish. And if this particular model isn’t to your
dog’s liking, there’s plenty of other variants in the Hol-ee Roller lineup. And that, sadly, is where we end this week’s
episode. If you enjoyed it, hit that “Like” button
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4 thoughts on “Ultimate tennis ball? – DOG TOY REVIEW | JW ProTEN Hol-ee Roller Dog Toy”

  1. Wyatt Covarrubias says:

    Hey man! I recently stumbled upon your channel. It is amazing! Keep up the great work! I am surely going to have to check out this toy!

  2. xrysoyla m says:

    try kong iconix or kong babbler

  3. Kaylee Yebba says:

    AAAWWWW her Santa Christmas outfit is the cutest ^-^ ~Kaylee Yebba~

  4. Jacob Flack says:

    Could this dog handle a toy like that? https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=BHsNYtYLNI0&t=5s

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