UNBOXING: Skunk2 Alpha lca control arms
UNBOXING: Skunk2 Alpha lca control arms

Hi guys ! Today we are opening another skunk2 package. The skunk2 alpha lower control arms, arrived for my civic ek. According to Skunk2 : Skunk2 Alpha Rear Lower Control Arms are direct replacements for the factory OEM arms, and are ideal for street and race applications. These can be fitted to any 1996 – 2000 Honda Civic (CX, DX, EX, GX, HX, LX, Si). Well packaged ,as always… the cool sticker and the small product book they used us to… their certification card … still can’t used this crap .. lol pretty nice. Let’s stab these open… no air ,no nothing :-)) ok, i got this… it will be quick, here are the specs ! CNC Machined from Forged 6061 Aluminum 40% lighter than OEM arms 15% EG / 19% EK lighter than original S2 LCA design 7% EG / 11% EK stronger than original S2 LCA design Outboard Spherical Bearing to reduce bushing twist Tuned Polyurethane Inboard Bushing to dampen NVH Delrin Shock Mount Bushings for improved shock performance pretty cool features huh ? They are pretty expensive tho… most of us will find the alpha lca’s pricey and the ultra’s super pricey ! this arm is missing the pin !
(skunk2 send a replacement pin) it came like this from the factory ! check out the grooves on the bushing, they are there for extra lubrication. also notice the 2 sway bar mounting points one is oem location and other for a harder set up. For improved bushing life, the latest materials were used, and a high-precision spherical bearing on the trailing arm side was utilized to reduce twist at the inboard bushing. Even though a second spherical bearing for the inboard pick up point is offered as a racing upgrade, Let’s weight them ! 1.030 grams=2.27 lbs thanks for watching ! Like ,subscribe and share for more !

2 thoughts on “UNBOXING: Skunk2 Alpha lca control arms”

  1. floki Loki says:

    How was the fitment? Does the bushings holding well?

  2. trial and Error says:

    Do you think of getting the rear sway bars in the future?

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