W10837625 – Replacing Your Maytag Dryer’s Motor Pulley – AP5988738, PS11727942
W10837625 – Replacing Your Maytag Dryer’s Motor Pulley – AP5988738, PS11727942

Hi, my name is Bill and today I’m going to
be showing you how to replace the motor pulley in your dryer. The reason why you’d have to do this is because
the motor pulley is damaged and no longer stays on the shaft of the motor. For this repair, we will be using a Phillip’s
head screwdriver, a 1/4 inch nut driver, a pair of needle nose pliers, a 7/16 inch wrench,
and a pair of channel locks. Warning: Before doing any repairs, please
disconnect your power source. So, this is the dryer that we’ll be using. It’s a Maytag Maxima X. Keep in mind that yours might be a little
bit different than what we’ve got here, but the same techniques should still apply. The first thing you want to do is make sure
you turn your gas off. So, what we have to do first is turn our dryer
around. Now we’ll be removing two screws here, holding
our top on. And once you remove those two screws, you
can pull back on the top panel, and then lift up, and remove it. So, here’s our control panel board, and before
we get that out, we need to unplug all these wires. Keep in mind, some of these have little tabs
that you just have to push on the sides to release them. So, now we’re going to remove the bracket
with the control board on it, so we have to remove these two screws here. Now, that those screws are out, you can just
lift up o the bracket and remove this side first, and we’ll twist it, so we can get this
anchor clip out. Now that we’ve got that anchor clip out of
the way, we can take out the whole bracket. Now I’ve got a block of wood here, so we’ll
lift up the dryer, now we’ll slide that block of wood underneath, there we go. And, I’ve got four screws underneath that
I have to undo. Now, the two screws in the middle, you can
just loosen those up a bit, you don’t have to completely take them out. Now, we’ll just slide the wood back out from
underneath this, and gently set that down. Now, we have to remove these three screws
here. Now, we’ll open up the dryer door, and we’ll
take out the filter, and you can just set that aside, and we’ll be using a Phillip’
s head, to remove these two screws here. Now that you’ve got all the screws out, we’ll
just be able to lift up on the bulkhead a little bit, and it’ll come right off. And, you’re just going to want to make sure
that if the wire gets caught in there, don’t pull it too hard, make sure you get it lined
up with the hole, and just pull it out, just like that. Now, we’re going to want to unplug these wires
here that go to our dryness sensor. Now, we’ve got two screws in here that we’ve
got to undo. So, you’ll see right here that we’ve got a
screw poking out of this hole where there’s a screw still screwed in, and right here is
where we just unscrewed the other screw, and now we’ll go unscrew the one that’s still
screwed in. The next thing we need to do is remove his
screw right here. And once we get this screw out, you can pull
it straight up, and remove this entire filter assembly piece. Keep in mind, that if you didn’t get the screws
out when you were originally unscrewing them from the inside, that they’ll still be in
these holes, so take care not to turn this upside down and lose those screws. Now, we’re going to be removing this metal
plate right here, but to get it off, I’ve got two screws; one on either side. And, once you’ve removed that second screw,
that housing should come right off. Next thing we should do, is we need to remove
this entire front part still, so we’ve got a few screws up here, and the bunch of screws
up here for this front bulkhead. So, we’re going to start up top first. And, once you get those screws out, you can
pop off this front right off, you just want to lift up and it should come right out. Now that we’ve got those screws all out, you’ll
see there’s a couple of tabs right here that stick out, that the bulkhead rests on, so
you should be able to lift it up and once they’re over those tabs, just kind of lift
up on the drum as well, so you’ll have the wheels on the other side, see that get out. So now, I have to reach in back here. I have to get the drum belt off the pulley,
we’re going to have to push up on the lever to release the tension and reach in with our
other hand, and now we can just take that right off. And now with the belt off, I should be able
to lift up on the drum, and I’ll carefully remove the whole piece and just be careful
when you’re taking this out, that you don’t get the drum belt caught on anything. So, this is our motor pulley, right here. In order to get it off, I’ve got a 7/16 inch
wrench and we need to use that wrench and hold the shaft right in here. Then, we’re going to need a pair of channel
locks. Or, grab on to the motor pulley. And, be careful here and don’t bash your fingers
or anything, but you’re going to use the channel locks, and grip on, and twist it to loosen
it , and then you can loosen it the rest of the way by hand, there we go. Now, you can grab your new OEM replacement
motor pulley. If you don’t have one already, you can find
one on our online store. Now, to put it on, we’re going to do the same
thing. We’re going to screw it on by hand, as much
as we can and once it is as tight as we can get it. It’s on, and once you got it tight, you shouldn’t
be able to loosen it anymore, by hand. And, we’re going to set it right on top of
the back roller wheels, and just like that. Now, to put the drum back on, we’re going
to take the belt and we’re going on the other side of the wheel here, just like this and
we’re going to lift it up, keeping this all together and then loop the belt around the
shaft here and make sure everything is on straight, there we go. And, then everything should be able to spin
freely now, just like that. A little bit more than a full rotation and
you see that the drive belt is about where it was before and you’ll also see your fan
wheel spinning down there. So, now we need to put the front bulkhead
back on. In order to do that, lift up the drum a little
bit, so we can get these roller wheels underneath the drum, and in their proper positions. And then, once you’ve got that in there, you
can lock the bulkhead in place with those little tabs and then we can screw it all in. Now, we’ll put the top panel back on. So, what I’m going to do is there’s a tab
right here and it has to go into this little slot and that’s going to be on both sides,
so just line it up, slide it down in, same thing on this side, just line it up, slide
it down in there, and then we’ll screw it all in. Now when we put this back on, we need to make
sure that this slot right here goes into that tab, and then everything else should line
up nicely for you. And now, we’re going to put this lint filter
assembly inside. You’re going to make sure that this cord goes
out so we can plug it into there. You’re going to want to line up this assembly
on the bottom, with that hole right there that goes into the fan blower wheel area. Now I want to plug these back in together. Now I’ll screw this middle screw back in here,
okay now the other one, there we go. Now, we’re going to line up the sides of this
bulkhead with the dryer. Then, on the front, we’re just going to put
these clips into the hole that they correspond with, just like that. And now, we’ll screw in the top three screws. Now, put the lint filter back in, and we’ll
close the door. Now, we’ll plug these two wires back in together,
and we’re going to line up all the holes on the bottom here, once the holes are lined
up on the front, you’re just going to want to push forward, so that tabs lock into place
and now we can screw it back down. Now screws back here, just make sure you tighten
up those little screws real good. Now, I’ll be putting the control panel back
on, put this anchor back into place here, push down, and that sticks, and we’ll screw
it down before we plug it into the end. And then, once we’ve got that back in, we
can plug everything in, all the wires have just one spot where they can go, so it shouldn’t
be too difficult. Now that we’ve got it all plugged in, we can
put the top back on. Now, if you take a look at one of the sides
on the panel, it’s got these slots, they go all the way down. Those slots correspond to each one of these
tabs here, so when you put the top panel back on, you’re going to want to make those slots
line up with the tabs, and as long as everything lines up, the top panel will slide in there
nice and easy, and your back hole should line up nicely, so we can screw it back in. And, once you’ve got that screwed in nice
and tight, you can turn it back around, and your repair is complete. Now, we can turn our gas back on. Finally, don’t forget to plug in your appliance. If you need to replace any parts for your
appliances, you can find an OEM replacement part on our website: PCApplianceRepair.com. Thanks for watching, and don’t forget to like,
comment, and share our video. Also, don’t forget to subscribe to our channel. Your support helps us to make more videos
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  1. Mark Johnson says:

    This is helpful but one problem, the motor pulley in your video is not actually broken. On a broken one — at least on mine — you wouldn't be able to grip it by the hex part because it's broken off, which is why it needs replacing in the first place. Gripping it by that round, slanted part is liable to be more tricky. But at least I learned how to hold the shaft still while unscrewing the pulley.

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