W361R 2007 Dodge Dakota w/ 4X4

Hello my name’s Peter. I work at Express Auto
in Wyoming, on 28th Street. 2046 28th Street, between Burlingame and Byron Center. You’re
looking at the engine of a 2007 Dodge Dakota Club Cab. It’s a V8 Engine, 4.7L. Nice and
clean. This truck will get you where you’re going in a hurry. Over here you can see the
seats are powered, you can move them back and forth with the touch of your finger. You
got cruise control on the steering wheel. CD player, for anyone who still has CDs. The
tires are nice and new, get you around 12 months out of the year. Total of four seats,
two are roomie, two are not, so you know, it’s up to you and your friends who wants
to sit where. It’s your vehicle so it’s probably up to you. Again the tires are nice, got a
6 foot bed in the back. Got places where you can tie straps if you’ve got to move anything
like a grand piano. Again the tires are nice. And you can see the inside is clean. Trucks
are very rare on our lot. I wouldn’t expect us to get any time soon, but you never know.
What I’m trying to say is the early bird gets the worm. So come down here, ask for me, my
name’s Peter, number is 616-345-0900. Bye

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