Washer Repair- Replacing the Agitator/Auger Assembly (Whirlpool Part # 22004042)

Hi, it’s Steve from PartSelect. Today we’re
going to show you how to change the agitator in your washer. It’s a pretty easy job;
all we’re going to need is a 3/8ths drive ratchet with a half inch socket and an 8 inch
extension. Let me show you how we do it. Now the first step in this repair will be
to lift the main lid, leave it in the open position. We’re going to remove the fabric softener
cup off of the top of the agitator, it’s just a friction fit so it’ll snap out. Next with our half inch socket locate the
bolt that is in the center of the agitator, remove that bolt. Now with both hands lean into the tub, grasp the
bottom of the agitator and pull upwards on it. Slide it up through the opening. Now drop the bolt out of the center. If the
old bolt doesn’t want to drop out just take a long bladed screwdriver and just tap it
through from the bottom. Now inspect that bolt carefully and make sure
that the rubber gasket on the bottom of it is still in good shape; if it isn’t you’ll
need to replace that. Now slide the bolt onto the extension and
insert it into the new agitator. And we can drop the new agitator into place; line up
the splines on the agitator shaft, push it firmly all the way down, and then we’ll
tighten the bolt. We don’t want to over tighten that bolt or we’ll damage that rubber
washer. Give it a visual inspection, everything looks
fine there. Put the fabric softener dispenser back on
top of the agitator, snap it in place and our repair is complete. Told you that was an easy job. Thanks for
watching, and good luck with your repair.

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