Watch full CBS News Democratic debate
Watch full CBS News Democratic debate

100 thoughts on “Watch full CBS News Democratic debate”

  1. Tim Gomez says:

    I fell asleep as Amy Klobuchar was saying how she isn't boring

  2. San Miguel Tepezontes Villa says:

    If there's any dignity left in that beautiful country, #Bernie should be the leader.

  3. Woobcutting says:

    This stacked audience seriously scares me.

  4. MoreAmerican says:

    Are you supposed to thumbs up or down if you are appreciative of the posting in its entirety?


    2:31:09 new topic communism and Biden and Bernie go at it

  6. madonna0625 says:

    its nice to have oprah as your best friend, isnt it gayle? lol

  7. Kyle Chapman says:

    Key moments:
    Debate start: 1:03:20
    Bloomberg twitching: 1:18:08
    Lay-up question, does the math add up? 1:25:35
    Biden’s good friend owns a prison: 1:30:19
    Bloomberg buys Democrats: 1:33:50
    Part 2: 1:41:28
    Bloomberg says something about naked cowboys, moderators silent. Stopped watching.

  8. SA bear says:

    I don't like Trump, but I'm not voting blue ever again. Identity politics and higher taxes.

  9. Josh says:

    So sick of dems redirecting the debate to race. They're just sick, sick people. Always about fanciful racism. Meanwhile republicans are talking about actual improvements for the country.


    no one finished a single sentence. comic

  11. Glenn Silvetti says:

    Amy’s , warren, Tom and Mike are done, get out and save face while you have a chance

  12. Bakunin Kropotkin says:

    The moderators are terrible.

  13. pilategrove says:

    This is a parody right?

  14. Jake Kleine says:

    What Bernie SHOULD have done:
    "I am the frontrunner and this debate is a farce"
    Walk off stage
    "Boycott CBS"

  15. Fiona Fairechild says:

    Pete is aging fast… the others? Who could tell?!?

  16. Calvin Pittser says:

    I say that we vote to eliminate 4 of them right now

  17. Woobcutting says:

    Lol does anyone actually think CBS has anything but hatred and disgust for us?

  18. Justin Lundy says:

    Bloomberg is running a dozen apology tours stacked on top of eachother condensed down to the primary cycle. What a mess! he would've been better dumping money into pete from the beginning seems like he would be the ideal and willing puppet. I'm glad he didn't though that would've been significantly more effective. Instead they hate eachother its great!!Bernie2020

  19. a warse says:

    Why is the guy with zero votes getting more talking time than the front runner.

  20. HGL YT says:

    1:34:00 Bloomberg corrects himself before saying he bought the Democratic Party. “I..I bou- I got that.”

  21. Openingband says:

    Bernie should have just never talked about Cuba. Just no positive has come from it for him.

  22. BeauNoir1116 says:

    Mayor Brokeback is so annoying

  23. Glenn Silvetti says:

    Murdering Innocent Little Babies and quoting the Bible, my goodness what have we become when we believe that these people live by the Bible and yet don’t follow the Bible except when it fits their own lifestyles

  24. George H says:

    Thank you, CBS, for putting this on Youtube. None of the other debate hosts did that.

  25. Noirling says:

    Biden is losing his mind.

  26. SehnSucht says:

    I see Bernie taking notes and actually thinking about his responses about what was said by others on stage. Also, is Joe allright? He looks and and sounds a bit 'off'

  27. Cole O'Driscoll says:

    This was the worst debate I’ve seen. Basically all the anchors and candidates were throwing smears at Bernie Sanders to see if they’ll stick. Also worth noting the moderators tried to prevent Bernie from responding many times.

  28. Woobcutting says:

    The paid audience's horrible timing is throwing off these Plutocrats and Oligarchs lol

  29. Alberto Ramirez says:

    I see their tactic. They have someone attack Bernie first and in that same speech, they call out someone else afterwards. Then the moderator “forgets” about Bernie and moves to the other candidates.

  30. Briana Gillis says:

    Pete is the white Obama 🤣🤣🤣

  31. jose smith says:

    Warren is the worst

  32. Adam Smith says:

    fire the moderators

  33. ma ta says:

    BERNIE SANDERS ALL THE WAY:) GO BERNIE I still remember the bird landed on his platform, was a Biblical show

  34. Liberated Galaxy says:

    I have heard Democrats dividing Americans by race + ethnicity…and want to promise to give away free things that they arent free , and will never deliver ,,,, They all are millionaires and billionaires …they've been in public service so long when was the last time they bough a loaf of bread…a gallon of milk….decades

  35. Dave D'aranjo says:

    It’s like the majority of Americans have zero concept of nuance

  36. Women BeTalking says:

    Where is politifact?!!!

  37. Merc 015837 says:

    My mom taught me to be respectful and not interrupt people before i was ten… Clearly as a ten year old i had better manners than all of these people… Buttigieg, especially, made himself look rude in my opinion.

  38. Sean Walker says:

    Bloomberg is the only Democrats i would trust in charge all these other fools are fruit loops

  39. Haley says:

    You can’t take these people seriously. Pathetic.

  40. Snoop Catt says:

    CVS and moderators fixed this debate to highlight Bloomberg… Absolutely pathetic how they've been bought out. Exactly Bernie Sanders's point

  41. Jeffrey Laury says:

    I'm not a Bernie supporter because he has really not said how he will pay for all the social problems. If he taxes the richest people they will pass those prices on the middle class and the poor people. Higher goods and services for the average American workers.

  42. Curtis Turner says:

    Democrats quibble about "nothing burgers" and wedge issues. Donald Trump makes promises and keeps them. We now have a wall protecting the southern border. Democrats need a massive dependent class to be fed by free stuff, entitlements, subsidies, and cradle to the grave welfare. Donald Trump removed two of Obama's stringent regulations for every new regulation put in place . . . regulations strangled our economy. Democrats are about power, political control, greed . . . Peter Schweizer tells how Bill and Hillary Clinton got rich, Joe Biden got rich, Adam Schiff got rich, Nancy Pelosi got rich, Barak Obama got rich, Bernie Sanders got rich, Elizabeth Warren got rich . . . all at the expense of American taxpayers! #walkway

  43. Kevin Peterson says:

    Trump won the debate as he lives rent free in every Democrat/Communist' head

  44. Joseph Zavali says:

    Federal background checks already exist. Seriously, anyone in any state go try and by one. Gun safety does not mean limiting or banning anything. It means Education in guns. The people are scared of that which they don't know or understand.

  45. Raymond Rohena says:

    Biden’s misconception about him was a waste of time. I have more hair than I think I do? Seriously???

  46. derek weber says:

    pete buttigeig talking over everyone was very unpresidential..

  47. Vanessa Baker says:

    1:19 Bloomberg; i have been training for this job since …
    Um you stayed out of the town hall to practice for tonight after you failed to prepare for the last debate and bombed. Don't skip class to catch up on homework

  48. Adam Smith says:

    fake robot pete

  49. Joseph Greear says:

    No one did well in this debate.

  50. Randy Mccallum says:

    here are the rules and we wont enforce them rofl

  51. DeCora Santo says:


  52. Nao Bolliger says:

    Clearly Bloomberg bought the crowd. WTH, is Steyer still doing here?!? Send these two riches home, please! lt was terrible debate😵 and CBS moderator did aweful job tonight🤦‍♀️🤦‍♂️🤦‍♀️🤦‍♂️🤦‍♀️

  53. 캣킷 says:

    Ironic that Warren brought up the filibuster. It was as though everyone on this stage was filibustering each other.

  54. Random Name says:

    The Democrat goose is cooked.

  55. Francisco Grant says:

    I can't stand gayles face

  56. Corey Edwards says:

    1:13:30 when they ask 2 racist mayors how they'll help black people but not let Bernie, the dude arrested for protesting segregation even SPEAK? It's a set up

  57. patrickhat_trick says:

    To put the audience reactions in context, each seat cost $1800. This was not a progressive crowd, and not indicative of the average American views.

  58. Mijemu mijemu says:

    There is no medical in America the way things are now, unless you are a football player or otherwise some multi millionaire, there no medical so when klobascar talks about making the current system more affordable that is a pipe dream that never comes. M4A is common sense a money saver and provides a medical system that you can actually get medical care from, what people don't tell you about the current system is they think well if you need a doctor that bad you can go to the emergency room and let me tell you what that is, so you go when you are in unbearable agony and they give you a couple pain pills and in about 45 minutes you are thrown out sometimes harshly, then once the pills wear off after a few hours then the agony returns and a lot of people die eventually. and if you keep going back to that emergency room because of the agony then the police get involved and things get really ugly. This is a garbage medical system.

  59. Techgum says:

    Damn….Trump won this debate.

  60. W O R M says:

    Does anyone really even care what that one guy on stage at the beginning has to say? Just shut up and bring out the canadites Jesus I’m not gonna sit through all that bs

  61. Mark Smith says:

    Bernie is the one who has been fighting all these issues for the past 40 years, he is the only one that will not fall for the corp greed , if Warren can flip flop like that, then she can be bought, they are all in the pockets of some corp giant, except Bernie, all these issues and policies that everyone is jumping onto now because its popular, well Bernie fought for them when they weren't popular. Vote Bernie people, theres a reason the Corp media is only targeting Bernie! HE CANT BE BOUGHT, he is for the people!

  62. Calero Calero says:

    It starts at 1:01:30

    Like me.

  63. Beepboopbeep says:

    This is the weirdewt crowd i've ever heard, they do the exact opposite of what crowds has done in all the other debates wtf?

  64. Valmor Janjacomo says:

    This debate has no rules.

  65. Jonnis says:

    Pete butigig is just horrible to listen to, come on, he just talks over Sanders CONSTANTLY! Just hard to listen to…

  66. FlowerClown says:

    We need a centrist like Hillary in order to win just like how the DNC won in 2016

  67. Daniel Evensen says:

    Thank you to CBS for uploading an official version! Much more class than many of its competitors.

  68. W O R M says:

    Hey if any viewers wanna skip through the beginning bs, the first hour is all trash, 1:02:16 is when the debate actually starts

  69. Marty McChicken says:

    Isn't Elizabeth pro choice? So why would a joke like that bother her?

  70. Ani Kayode says:

    Tom Steyer and Amy Klobachar are so irrelevant.

  71. anoniem always says:

    An what WE absolutily dont need are Gays for president. WE need Men with balls.

  72. Love Trump says:

    Who else here loves Trump 🙋‍♂️

  73. هاشتاج اليوم says:

    Biden and Bloomberg hired people to cheer poor Sanders

  74. Christian Klotzle says:


  75. Rawad Rizk says:

    My last brain cells at 3am:

  76. reversecourse says:

    Debate winner: President Donald Trump. Again.

  77. Oscar Sevilla says:

    Lol, Bloomberg decided to show up again after last debate.

  78. Daniel keirstead sr says:

    I loved it..Trump 2020.

  79. ReligiousZombie says:

    2:00:35 Biden says that a house in a black neighborhood is less valuable than the same house in a white neighborhood. And he's correct, all other factors being equal. But can we really do anything about it? That's the free market at work. Can we force people to buy homes where they don't want to?

  80. Ernie Chacon says:

    Bernie is comparing the U.S. with Canada's health care system, where is his head? California alone has about 45 million people, more than the whole country of Canada !!!

  81. Benjamin Henderson says:

    2:07:30 they seriously give bloomberg two questions in a row? What a joke. Now more than ever, #Bernieorbust

  82. Scott Nelson says:

    First, second, third, third…How many "third of all" does Biden need? It's just Math, like they argued early on.

  83. Sam195 says:

    Gayle King " I have never broken a promise" – woman you lied for the last month about how your interview with Lisa Leslie and bringing up Kobe Bryant's 2003 rape accusations was not solely about tv ratings and click bait but just an honest mistake. Go sell your bs to your family not America. Lmfao you must be proud that you got your SJW friends to pressure Snoop Dog to apologize to you for lashing out about it but man got you good referring to you as a 70 year old woman when he knows your 65 to people when he initially refused to apologize. He basically implied you an old nasty snake.

  84. Quantumese Boy says:

    Even if Sanders wins the election(which is extremely unlikely), he will make America swing right after his term for sure.

  85. Sashko Dee says:


  86. angel says:

    worst debate so far. bought crowd. awful moderation. shame on you CBS. bernie has my vote.

  87. Daniel keirstead sr says:

    Arm each one with a styrofoam bat and let them go at each other. That would have been so fun to watch.

  88. Tobias Tinter says:

    So that is what you call democracy in America? Sad times indeed

    Bloomberg saying he bought the damn thang yet noone cares? Even worse, people clapping and cheering for the guy?

    Ticket prices for the debate starting at 1300$ and (at least as much as I could tell) certain candidates 'contributing' to those sales?

    A sh*tshow of a debate where the only real purpose of those guys standing there is to attack the other one, especially Bernie, instead of maybe using that additional time to lay out their program even further? Over here in Europe you get MINUTES not SECOUNDS to lay down and explain what you want to do, how you want to finance it and what benefits it might generate….

    A CLEARLY biased CBSN crew (first question to Bernie they came up with the word socialist, as if that wasnt calculated, constant attacks by the MODERATORS to Bernie who cut him off while he tried to explain something while his time wasnt up yet)?

    Guys on stage begging for money for their campaign?

    Just a few points here…..add to this:

    – the voting system where you can be up millilons of votes yet lose

    -the currupt and bought politicans (i dont blame them tbh, they need the cash to keep their jobs, i would do the same) who do have to dedicate most of their time to fundraising instead of really doing their job (example: European countries, the gov pays parties a certain ammount they can use…maybe start to decrease the military budget, which is almost 3x as large as 2nd place in the world?!?)

    – billionaires buying their way to power (Hello Mr. Trunp, Hi Mr. Bloomberg)

    – The fact that most these guys dont give a damn that people are dying being underinsured because it would cost a few dollars more, yet spend over 600 billions a year for their troops?

    Now you know why Americas so called democracy (and, sadly, the entire US as a whole) has become nothing more than a laughing stock here in Europe.

    Wake up, America!

  89. St. Michael of Cigarillo says:

    Honestly I am shocked that the comments are not disabled for this debate.
    The comments were disabled for the live stream chat when it was live.
    That is very telling.

    How they know that if they have comments enabled while they are live that they will get crapped on big time by the people.

    There are no "Moderates" in this debate.
    The fact that the mainstream media keeps calling some of them moderates is shamefully dishonest to put it kindly.

    Last time I checked it wasn't a moderate position to do the following…….

    Promote open borders and decriminalizing illegal border crossings
    Promote White Guilt
    Use Racially charged Rhetoric
    Use Fear Mongering

    Do any of these people sound moderate to you?

    A Godless Communist New York Jew
    A Billionaire New York Jew
    A homosexual who's father was a Marxist professor
    A fake Native American
    A former VP that assumes blacks support him because of "Muh Obama"
    A Women from Minnesota that is dumb and only has weak catch phrases to use in the debates.

  90. Ben Kate says:

    Does Bloomberg have a sane wife

  91. Stephanie Grow says:

    Pete just keeps getting better and better!!

  92. Oscar Sevilla says:

    "We won't let Russia manipulate our politics."
    Everyone on stage: Russia this, Russia that.
    Nice job not letting Russia affect politics guys.

  93. Lady Grey says:

    All of them are insane.

  94. Christian Klotzle says:

    Lol Bloomberg almost said he bought Nancy Pelosi and the rest of the house By the way Bloomberg's buddy Harvey Weinstein Was convicted of rape

  95. Adam Woolhether says:

    Failures of this debate: 1. Establishment attacking Bernie 2. The moderators

  96. Matthew May says:

    Fools-all fools

  97. Nicholas Lanze says:

    I pray every day that none of these people get anywhere near the office. Trump is not perfect, but he is leagues better than each one of these candidates.

  98. mike fury says:

    Weirdos!! how exactly is the country a mess the economy is up unemployment is down crime is down anyone of the candidates will really mess up the country, I don't think Kim Jon un or Putin would listen to this lot they didn't listen to Obama they would give into terriosts and pay them off like Obama and mostly all of them like the Chinese way on doing things but I do agree with Bernie you shouldn't go jail for carrying abit of weed gun laws should be more strict, parts of the health care services can never be free someone has to pay for it taxing people isn't free health care the NHS in the UK you have to pay for it and putting high tax on rich people loses jobs and stops growth plus they could move this Democrats are crazy they've already lost.

  99. Alejandro Ocampo says:

    Pete is so annoying. He is full of one liners and no plans. Do you really think those billionaire donors don't want something in return? He's empty in delivering because he can't tell his true plans that help his special interests. #Bernie2020

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