Water Exercise, Standing (Aquatic Therapy) – Ask Doctor Jo

Hey everybody, it’s Doctor Jo! Today I’m gonna show you some aquatic therapy exercises standing
in one place. The best thing to do is get a set of weights for you ankles. If you don’t
have any weights and your in the pool, sometimes you tend to float up a little bit and you
want your feet to be on the ground. These are just 1.5 pounds each, so 3 pounds total.
That’s what you want to start off with something light, but if you get stronger, then you can
add more weight. So I’m gonna put my weights on, let’s get going.
The big thing to remember about aquatic therapy exercises is to have good posture while you
are doing it. If you’re swinging and you can see the sky and the pool, then you’re not
doing it right. You want your upper body to be nice and straight the whole time. So the
first exercise I’m gonna show you is just a hip flexion and extension together. You
want to pull your toe up tight. That’s gonna lock out your knee because you want to keep
your knee nice and tight. That’s going to give you some good resistance. So you are
going to bring it to the front and to the back keeping it straight the whole time, and
do that about 10 times. Remember if you feel yourself swinging, then you’re not doing it
right and you want to start over and not push quite as hard. Do 10 on one side, and then
switch and do 10 on the other side. You want to work both legs even if you only have an
injury on one side because while I’m swinging my left side, working that side, I’m stabilizing
with my right side. So you’re actually working both sides as you do it. The next one is gonna
be doing hip abduction and adduction going across your body. You really want to keep
your toes pointed forward the whole time. Many times when people swing out, they kick
their foot out this way. That is changing the muscle you are using. So try to keep your
feet pointed forward the whole time. Lock out that knee and kick out to the side and
across your body. Remember to do 10 on each side. Then you can work your way up from there.
The next one is going to be a hamstring curl. With the hamstring curl, you really want to
keep your hips in a neutral position. The hips aren’t moving. You’re just going to bend
at your knee and kick back like you are trying to kick your bottom. If you hip bends and
your knee comes up forward, that’s not the exercise that I’m looking for. So push that
leg back down, if you have to put your hand on it, that’s fine. Keep your upper body nice
and straight, and kick back. Remember to do it on both side. The next one, we call it
the Rockette kicks. Yes, we are testing your balance and your dancing ability. Keep your
upper body nice and straight. Bend your knee up towards you, kick your leg out, it’s really
going to stretch your hamstrings. Pull back in and come down. If you get too much of a
stretch or you can’t straighten out your knee when you’re kicking out, then don’t bring
your knee quite as high. Just about halfway bring it up and kick out, because this is
a big stretch back there and that’s what you want. Make sure you do both sides, kicking
out, coming back in. Now you are going to work your calves, and your anterior tib muscles
in the front. Spread your feet out about shoulder width apart. You’re gonna go up on your toes
as high as you can. Really stretch high, and then roll back onto your heels. Now, I’m not
sticking my bottom back, I’m really just pulling my toes up when I do that. So rock back and
forth. You can start off with about 15 of these. Up and back. And then finally, you’re
gonna do some squats. Now the squats are just as important in the pool as they are on land.
You want to spread your feet about shoulder width apart to give yourself some good balance.
If your knees come in front of your toes, remember that’s not what you want. You want
to keep your knees pretty much in the same spot. Stick your bottom back, bring your chest
forward and keep your feet flat on the ground. If you’re coming up on your toes, then your
not quite doing it right. And if you’re rocking back on your heels, then you don’t have good
balance. So keep the back straight, chest forward, bottom back. Just like you are going
to sit down in a chair. So try about 15 of those. Those are the simple exercises. If
those are easy, you can not hold on, kicking back and forth working on balance. Or if that’s
easy, hold on start off with your slow, do about 10 of them, and then do 10 fast. Not
quite as big movements, but a lot faster. That will give you more resistance. But remember
if you are swinging, that’s not what you want, and you are not ready for those yet.
Those were some aquatic therapy exercises. If you have any questions, leave them in the
comments section. If you want to check out some more videos, go to askdoctorjo.com. Don’t
forget to follow me on Facebook and Twitter. Remember be safe, have fun, and I hope you
feel better soon!

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