We Try Floral Foam Crushing ASMR
We Try Floral Foam Crushing ASMR

( music playing )The internet’s ability
to constantly find new things
that are oddly satisfying is as impressive as it is,
well, satisfying. And the latest example
is a video trend called
Crushing Floral Foam. So today
we’re gonna try it. Come with us
as we take a trip to… Yes, we want you to look
at this show as your window to the weird part
of the internet. The sneeze guard
on the digital buffet. It’s gonna get weird,
but you’re safe with us. Yes. Don’t panic. This is floral foam. – Uh-huh.
– Now you’ve seen this stuff. These foam bricks,
they soak up water
like a sponge. They act as a preservative to
prolong the life of flowers. They also hold
the flowers in place. But on the internet,
they’re used for
something else. Odd satisfaction. Ooh, yeah.
I’m starting to get it, man. Yeah,
I see where this is going. You know how like nowadays
you’ll have a television up and then you’ll have
like a screensaver on it
with pictures? I’m starting to think
I’m gonna start running these
satisfying videos on loop on my television instead
of like a wallpaper. No. You’ll become
overly satisfied. – Oh.
– You don’t wanna do that. Then you’ll lose
all appreciation for
your wife and children. What you need to do,
because you can’t
hold sharp things, is you can figure out
what to do with that spoon while I play with a knife. No, I’ve seen ’em
scoop it before. – But I’m gonna let you
do it first.
– Okay. Now, hold on,
before you do it, I did notice that
in a lot of these videos the title
in parenthesis says,
“No talking.” Yeah, I’m not gonna talk. ( whispering)
I’m scoring it.
I’m scoring it. ( whispering )
That’s nice. I wonder what it would sound
like going through your finger. Okay. I’m getting a little bored. Now what? – Oh, yeah, here we go.
– Here we go. – The big one.
– This is the money shot. Oh, yeah. Now I’m gonna do
some scooping. You’re a good scooper. Now, here’s the thing.
Way before the internet, I would find this over
at my grandma’s house
and I would do this. Oh, yeah,
I ruined many of these. And I would also go out
to the air-conditioning vent and I’d write my name in it. That’s the next trend.
I’m just predicting this. Look, thinly sliced. All right,
there’s other things
we need to try, because what they’ve done
is they’ve moved on from just slicing dry
like this to letting it soak
before crushing it, which ups
the satisfaction factor. Rhett:Oh.Oh, I know what
I’m doing with my weekend. Whew. Kinda makes
you wanna pee. – Really? Not you.
– A little bit. That trickle– Not me. I am me.
I am you to me. – What?
– You said makes
you wanna pee. I was like,
“No, makes you wanna pee.” Okay, we wanted to take this
to a whole new level. So, we don’t have water,
we’ve got Coke and milk. I gave you the milk
because, you know, I have
a lactose insensitivity. – Insensitive?
– Yeah, I’m so
insensitive to it. I don’t have
any sensitivity.
You’re right. Okay, um, you know what? All right, I wanna hear
your Coke first. Shh! ( whispering )
Show it to the people. – Yeah.
– Just a little green turd. Okay, now let me
do one over here. Got this–
I got this big, big slab. – Milk that foam for us, Link.
– Here we go. It’s– It’s not as– Oh, there we go. That’s what
I was looking for. You gotta use
the index finger. Here we go. Just–
Just gettin’ the foam and the milk to erode
a little bit. This is–
This is the process that created the mountains
and the valleys… – Yes.
– on planet Earth. Okay, I’m gonna use
your technique here. Oh, yeah. Oh, yeah, like with
a shaving technique. I’m gonna pick up this big one
and I’m just gonna squeeze it. – Put it in your mouth.
– I do wanna bite it. Yeah,
it’s like a candy bar. I think
it might be toxic. – What?
– Yeah? I think
you should spit it out. Okay, I think
you should continue doing it. That’s satisfying,
but doesn’t taste great. Look, look, look.
Look what my index
finger’s doing. Oh, wow!
You’re creating– You’re creating a trough.Don’t swallow that, Link.
It is toxic.
– I didn’t swallow it.
– But of course the internet doesn’t just crush wet foam
and call it a day. This trend has levels
on levels on levels. I give you exhibit glitter. Link:
See, that’s not the explosion
one, though.
That’s the one
that kinda confused me.
Just glitter on top.
Here we go.
( Rhett shudders )
– Link:Oh, yeah!That’s it. That’s it.I am rurnt now, y’all!
That is good! You know when something’s
real good it just “rurns” you. – Um–
– “Ruins you” is what
they say in other places. Other places, other
than eastern North Carolina. All right, now we ain’t gonna
be playing with no glitter because we hate glitter. Glitter is
an invasive species. – We have glitter–
– Once it gets into anything– There’s glitter
on this desk. – For decades.
– Yes. – You never get rid of it.
– In past times. You could reincarnate – and you still
got glitter on you.
– Right. So instead,
we are using colored sand and sequins and shiny beads. – I have sequins!
– And these are presoaked, but we’re gonna hold it
over the water, and let’s take turns
and make this really dramatic. This one looks like
it’s got a bunch of holes
drilled in it. So you gotta squeeze
from the bottom to make it erupt up. Put your palms
further under, I think. – Well–
– Yeah, yeah, yeah, yeah! – I just– I wanna–
– There you go. There you go. Be able to get a good,
nice, even squeeze. Ooh! I feel like I broke something.
Broke something beautiful. – That’s nice. Look.
– Oh, look at my beautiful
unicorn water. You can still use that
for something. Okay, let me try
this little one here.
Look at this. Give it a little dip
down at the bottom. Make sure
it’s nice and fresh.
And then this is– This is kind of
a one-hander. ( grunts ) – Oh, yeah!
– Okay. – I wasn’t too thrilled.
– No, that one wasn’t– – That one wasn’t as awesome.
– I think I’m gonna get the same thing from this one. – I’m gonna do it real fast.
– Okay. Oh! Nope. That didn’t work.
That didn’t work, man. That satisfied me.
It was like popping a zit. All right, so this one– I’ve made the sand wet,
that may have been a mistake. Let’s see what happens. Eww. – Eww.
– ( grunting ) – Eww!
– Ooh! Making those human noises– This is the reason
why they said no talking
or human grunting. Like, lesson learned. No human grunting
when doing the ASMR. All right,
I got a glitter bomb. – I mean, I got a sequin bomb.
– Don’t human grunt, okay? – I want this one to be great.
– Just nice and easy. I’m gonna go medium speed, – ‘Cause my high-speed–
– That was a fail. But slow speed
isn’t good enough.
So, medium speed. – Wow!
– Did you see all the different things
that happened? Yeah, it’s like a– It’s like you
destroyed a world. Boy, that was a good time. And here we’ve got
a tombstone. I guess this is like
Captain America’s tombstone. Spoiler alert!
No, I don’t know– I don’t know what happens
in “Infinity War.” But I’m guessing
that he dies. – That’s just my prediction.
– Oh, really? Yeah. Um… Okay, so here we go.
This is the big finale. – Make it count.
– Shh! No talking. – I won’t say anything.
– No human grunting. – Yeah, yeah.
– Here we go. – ( grunts )
– Shh! – You human grunted.
– I’m sorry.
I couldn’t help myself. Here we go. – ( grunts )
– Stop! I won’t do it again. – ( grunts )
– See, I just faked
with my shoulders. I’m sorry.
Listen, it’s involuntary. When I see it I just– Watch. Do it.
Just do it a little bit. ( grunts )
I can’t help it. Here we–
Come on, this is
a big moment for us. All right,
I’ll be completely quiet. This is– This could
be peak moment for me. Okay, I’m not gonna
say anything. I promise. ( squelches ) – Oh, yeah.
– I think you may have put
too much effort into it. Yeah, look at that.
Look at that. That’s why you don’t see
the person’s face
in any of these videos, because you’d pan up
and the guy would be going– ( grunting ) – I’ll tell you what–
– That’s a whole
different channel. Just the faces of the people
who are doing satisfying videos. “Man Squeezes Things.” “Satisfying Face.” – No.
– “Satisfying Faces.” Yeah, which ironically
is not satisfying. – Yes.
– But let me tell you what,
I feel so satisfied. – So satisfied.
– I’m putting you on
high alert, florists! You better stock up,
’cause we’re coming
for your blocks! Stick around, because
we got a game about dogs with the most
luxurious hairdos.’90s kids will love this
“Be Your Mythical Best” T-shirt
available at Mythical.Store.

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