Wet Sleeve Installation and Protrusion Measurements
Wet Sleeve Installation and Protrusion Measurements

today we’re gonna look at the
installation and measurements for the cylinder liner in a what’s leave
application of the detroit sixty series engine condescension in particular it uses
uh… it counter bore that this leaves six into and the
manufacturer has prescribed a certain height that that liner has to sit too for progressive for forty permissible
value for how high that liner six to create the clamping force needed on
the cylinder head to hold the liner in its respective position during operation
in the engine so the manufacturers also weighed out a
prescribed value of the thickness of the head gasket so that when we crushed down
the head gasket that we actually crashed down on top of
the liner in crete the clamping force we need a bond that liner while creating the ceiling capacity also
on the uh… had gasket itself soul couple different things we look at norman clay chur this is the deck surface of the block that is a mating surface to the fire
deck of the cylinder head this particular area right down here is
what we call our counter board to a series here it is our counter board david manufacturer has to be in effect
are machine guess to fit into the lighter fluid change you can see in the
adjacent soldiers so that whetted sitting it’s correct position
and it’s cramped with it head on it we’re going to have our head gasket
sitting here the fire ring of our head gasket and
then this meeting surface here which is a litre per true jim but it begins the underside of the fire
deck of the cylinder head so if we take a look at the nomenclatura
related directly to the uh… what sleeve liner itself you can see that we
have couple different seals on here one of you seals it going to be replaced this is one of the
main cooling system privacy laws and then we have an adjacent sealed that
works in competition capacity with the cooling system seal so that the cooling system seal leaks accommodation capacity steel helps baka
up e_-coli uh… crevice we’ll price reversed on the bottom and we have
an engine whales seal which also works in combination capacity
with the secondary seal so that the oil still leads the secondary skills helps prevent oil from getting from the bottom and up
into the cooling system into this area so when that happens and we get the
mixing of coolant and oil together either or are destructive to the cooling
system as well as to the lubrication system sold on the top of the lighter play here we have what’s called truly relief and if we look at in the block right here you can see that we have in the pot
calling passage that’s cutting here that allows
school at the floor all the way around but if we look back at the liner all the way around the circumference of
the liner that helps absorbent dissipates emily heat from compression loading as well as combustion loading at the
point of ignition in the compression ignition engine so it’s manufactures provided extra top liner cooling relief to actually help
absorb a dissipate that he so the liner flames rate here what we’re looking at this particular
measurement passed if it into the counter board and have a certain amount of protrusions
sticking up above to create the clamping force needed to hold that liner in its
respective position we have an apparatus it’s going to
actually hold our liner down and position when we actually check that for
treason and we have the tools correspond with that procedure is to check with the manufacturer passes
to check it is the check-in four positions all
the way around the sitcom friends out b minor counter board in the block food manufacturers says that it should
not exceed anymore then point three five one zero inches if i tracked this with my dept gauge on your are vernier caliper i can see that i have exactly what the manufacture has prescribed for hours for measurement now this can also be done by taking a
dialer indicator zeroing in on the back and then dropping it indelible to read the value i’ve chosen do use my vernier caliper now the next thing that we have to do is
once at the counter board has been cleaned and it can be clean with some kroeker spot some white ameri or even a scotch brite pad it’s
important make sure that we don’t drop any debris into the bottom end of the
engine or to put a cop in there to prevent any
debris from dropping into the bottom end of the engine once this has been cleaned appropriately
and we wash it out with a little bit of break clean made for him to stop yelling at
everybody okay so take a look now that we’ve
actually cleaned s hot area with some brake cleaner remove
any debris have gone in the nephews a scotch brite pad to make sure that we do
not have any the dream here we’ve done it with donna
checked the measurement based on manufactured specs and we fall within
specifications for how concentric or how equal the plane yes waiting time we have a nine concentric
plane his when we have a difference in the
back surface compared to the counter war we can also talk about this in relationship to what’s called
parallelism if it’s not sitting correctly parallelism also relates directly to
checking the integrity of brake rotors checking four points to make sure that
that brake rotors not collapse what we’re doing the same thing here checking
it four points to make sure that we don’t have what’s called lawyers
sloping where the lighter leans one way or the other or accross the minor in major thrust
area as the pistons rotating through the movement of the crankshaft
and the up-and-down reciprocating motion of the president so once we know that are our counter
bore is correct that what we need to do is we need
installer liner press airliner down in the place with a
whiner state for actually doing the measurement based on this manufacturers design dot we take a reminder now and are
lighter is lubricated so we take our lighter that’s already
lubricated then we’re gonna do it right off in a
mess and till we actually replaces crevices defibrillator and with center liner down in cuba board okay okay now that we’ve installed the liner
we’re gonna take the only m tool and set it down on top of the line and line up the head bolts to make sure that we have spot position title got discharged manufactures use
different jewel apparatus to actually hold the
liners down into position once we get this marked down then that
we have the specific tort that this manufacturers like those for these malts too and to actually blocked the liner down
into position soltahr cities in the place as per spec firms neil young and then we are going to use mister rackets to dr hardliners down in this decision so you can see that the tool is actually
driving this down into position without any effort without using a
hammer without using a wooden block and then dropping it right down the protrude usi din of the liner
flange going down into the counter bore until we are so after torque in the apparatus and the
place what we need to do now is position these little dogs that are on there’s three of them money here one here in one of the other side we may not be able to see this is to access the protrude jim after we’ve state the
liner down with the tools so we’ve tort the apparatus on the manufacturing now
says to go ahead and put forty in forty-foot pounds of pork down on top of this plate to put the
cylinder in respect where it should be sitting when they had splint on so we double check it make sure that we
have that position correctly now that still the one interviews here there’s a slight gauge we call this a slut each because we can
ride across the deck surface sliding this dual to check measurements we have a dial indicator face under
their reads in half-hour increments then reads up to forty found so what we’re going to do here now is
we’re gonna set the sled each and i’m gonna turn it so i can see the
scale okay so we’re gonna take our slide each
now we’re going to zero the gauge on bedecked surface and will we see are the gauge on the
deck surface now we’re going to do is we’re going to read from the decks surface to the protruding
liner in the recess area of the tool okay so upsetting the two eleven hours
sitting on top of the protruding chin when we got the gates attid zero more
than a slight off onto the block area and it showing that we have one salad
distortion so we’re gonna check this in three
positions here here and on the back side and according to manufacture or not
allowed to have any more than three thousand seven inch and through measurement i have one foul
at every position so if we only have one fowler below
manufacture specifications now one of two things can happen because it says
zero to three thousand maximum were sitting a one were still
permissible if we have all of these the same when we
checked the mall and they’re all the same at one thousand we’re ok across the
entire dak if this one tends to be lower so if the manufacturers said he’d see
wrote at three thousand we had wonder two thousand rest in the may want
to bring this one out by putting a one thousand on their knees that liner to bring the protruding up to a higher value sold that we have more
compressibility on the liners sleeves and it holds it in position

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