What Caused This CR250 Engine Knock?
What Caused This CR250 Engine Knock?

this engines got issues I am just as
curious as you guys are to figure this out however just to keep the suspense
rolling I have got some parts to clean up sorry I had to I’m gonna load up some
of these parts into this bin drop him in the cleaning tank and get scrubbing since most of these parts are aluminum
I’m gonna touch them up with the mag wheel cleaner over here by the sink so
I’m just gonna drop a few of them into the bucket let them soak and then start
scrubbing just pull the brake pedal out of the bucket of mag wheel cleaner let’s
see how this thing cleans up absolutely meant as always cleaning
these parts I noticed the tip on the shifter is a little bit loose and what
you can do to fix that is pinch the sides with the set of vise
grips and it’ll tighten it back up kind of a temporary fix though so you can
tell the tips pretty floppy right now go ahead and pinch this down see if I can
fix it so the tip is pretty tight now let’s see if it pivots yeah that’s pretty sticky gonna work
that in a little bit and I think adding some oil in there
will help it out dang this shifters like new again it’s amazing what a little
redneck fix will do all right enough dicking around let’s go
check out this engine so as you can tell there is nothing holding the cylinder or
head on looks like he was just set on here so this is gonna be an easy
disassembly oops no piston that would make sense
though with everything just set on here got a little rust on this crankshaft
here both the rod bearing seems like it’s in pretty good shape
no up-and-down movement so that’s good I don’t see any detonation on this dome
that’s a great sign see how the cylinder is the bore seems to be in decent shape
there is somewhere here near the exhaust port it looks like there’s a little step
in it I’m gonna have to check into that there’s a little bit of a ledge right
here this is definitely gonna need some work the exhaust bridge doesn’t look
like it’s cracked at all and the rest of the bore appears to be in pretty good
shape so we’ll have to get the cylinder replated already sleeved or I might just
sell it as a core and go buy a new one I’ll have to weigh out the cost on it
with that taken care of it is back to cleaning
so these nastier parts such as the triple clamp and brake calipers are
getting pressure washed first and then everything is getting dumped into the
soak tank these parts are definitely going to need
some soak time and another pressure washing while those parts are soaking I’ve got
some more scrubbing to do just a little more pressure washing and
I’ll have these parts looking brand new again in case you guys are wondering how
I’m getting these higher up shots I’m actually putting the camera on the
tripod up on these tubs really sketchy but got to work with what I got so I set
it up just like this so the parts came out pretty clean but
there’s still some corrosion left over particularly on this linkage and the
rear caliper mount so we’re gonna see if this mag wheel cleaner can strip that
off or not and actually what I have in this bucket is I bought like thirty
bottles of the mag wheel cleaner dumped it all in that way I can soak parts in
it and reuse it Wow
just wow even I’m surprised I honestly did not think that corrosion was gonna
come off the linkage or the caliper mount but I’m gonna take this stuff a
step farther I’ll show you in another video during the cleaning process I
happen to notice that the reeds are chipped right here on the corner so I’ll
be adding that to the growing list of parts that I need for this bike that’s
getting kind of long let’s hope I don’t have to add linkage bearings to that
list so I’m gonna pull these things apart along with the kick starter and
grease everything up at the same time well this is pretty surprising I did not
think there was gonna be grease inside this linkage it’s actually in fairly
good shape so what I’m doing here is I’m wrapping a screwdriver with a rag and
then just running it in and out of the bearing try not to spin the bearings at
all and this cleans them up pretty well you know what
since I’m building this bike for myself I’m gonna pop these seals out and just
do a little more thorough cleaning all right time to grease this thing up
and put it back together lately I’ve been using this mini grease gun a lot
works awesome for smaller projects like this once I have a good amount of grease
into the bearing I’ll use this little acid brush to spread it around now
what’s on the grease up the pin it’s gonna pop this thing back in there
hopefully all the bearings stay in place should be buttery smooth now oh yeah
that feels good now let’s hope these other two bearings
are in good shape as well oh boy this one’s a little rusted not a good sign yeah this one’s pretty rusted I’m gonna
have to pull it apart and hopefully it cleans up you know I could just replace
this bearing and be done with it but I’m always trying to find ways to be a cheap
bastard so I’m gonna pull this apart see if I can clean it up before I attempt to fix the other
bearing I’m gonna pull apart this lower shock bearing see what kind of shape
this is in definitely a bit dry and it’s just falling apart with two junk
bearings and a pile of rust I’m just gonna replace all these bearings along
with the bearings in this piece as well so much for a greasing up this bearing
just for the heck of it I’m gonna pull apart this bearing and see what kind of
condition it’s in that one actually looks like it was just released it’s in
really good shape I’m guessing this Kickstarter pivots
gonna be in a little better shape I’m gonna pull it apart and we greased it
and these screws are usually locked itíd so I’m going to use an impact
screwdriver to loosen it up all right this thing is looking pretty
grungy as well should clean up fine though man this pivot is incredibly smooth now
as you saw I packed it pull them full of grease if there’s one thing I’m picky
about on a bike it’s the kick starter I’ve got to have a smooth kicker well
guys that is all I got for you today hope you enjoyed it I really want to
tear into this motor and figure out what the issue is with the shifting if you
remember right I was trying to get it into gear and it just wouldn’t shift
I’ll show you what’s up with it so going up is completely solid and pushing down
just got a few inches of slop it’s not really doing much either so in the next
video I’m gonna be tearing this motor completely apart stay tuned thank you so
much for watching guys happy holidays and I’ll see you in the next video

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