What Happens When You Put SMALLER Wheels on your DH Bike?! | Jordan Boostmaster
What Happens When You Put SMALLER Wheels on your DH Bike?! | Jordan Boostmaster

hello how’s it going so today we’ve got
a really special video for you guys so as you guys know I’ve been a big fan of
26 inch wheels always and just this year for the first time I got 27.5 bikes my
downhill bike and my enduro bike now my downhill bike my evolve sky pilot over
here I decided to put 26 inch wheels on it and see how it rides at the Whistler
Bike Park that’s right we’re doing it 26 inch people so this front rim is an old
Mavic three-two-one I actually picked this wheel up from a fan of mine a while
ago who wasn’t gonna use his old 26 inch wheels so he gave me a couple of them I
put a fresh magic mary on there and it’s ready to roll this is custom
painted by yours truly I love how it looks I think it looks
sick with the green DVO fork and look at this hub, bronze kind
of brown I think it looks so good you will recognize this wheel from my
Devinci Wilson it’s my really old heavy aluminum boost wheel used to be Sunringle mag 30 it is a boost spacing fork but the thing is DVO gives a little
spacer I don’t know if you guys can see that there’s a small black spacer in
there to convert a non boost hub into the boost spacing so that the rotors
line up with the brake calipers on this boost fork and I’m so stoked on how it
looks looks beautiful with this fork what do you guys think? I think it looks
absolutely amazing so with the 26 inch wheels we are lowering the bottom
bracket by half an inch so it went from a 367 millimeter bottom bracket for the
center of this and now it is a 355 millimetre bottom bracket but thankfully
I’ve got this nice big beefy bash guard to protect me
alright let’s take this thing to the whistler trails and see how it rides! so
I’m riding with Paul the Punter today and I really want to see how long it takes him to
find out that I’m riding 26 inch wheels I’m not gonna tell him I just want to
see his reaction yo dude how’s it going? why have you spray the wheel on this one, wait what size wheel is that back one? guess I know I can see it, I can tell, and the front one is 26 I was just gonna see how long it took for you to notice! It took me seconds! dude I am so stoked! Fresh tires this
thing is beautiful look at your wheels! look at your insane wheels! oh man yeah let’s
do aA-line to ninja cuges try out these 26 inch wheels Wow all right this beer
oh is it beautiful oh not very good at this manually boy you tomorrow I’m rusty it’s been a
week and a half since I rode last times that Sun Peaks my initial thoughts so far on these blue
trails that it’s working really well but I still gotta get more warmed up to see
how I can really ride with these wheels on this bike the funny thing is I didn’t
weigh my bike yet but his rear wheel is pretty heavy I think my whole bike is
heavier with the smaller wheels because those ones are carbon these ones are
aluminum with this ones like so heavy way back when I got the carbon wheel set
I did weigh the bare wheels the bare rear carbon wheel was 1.0 to 5 kilograms
and the bare rear aluminum wheel was 1.4 3 kilograms I’d also weighed the front
wheel with the tire on it way back and it was showing 2.67 5 kilograms while
this aluminum front wheel with a tire on it is showing two point eight seven five
kilograms that’s a difference of about 600 grams which equals one point three
pounds so my whole bike with the carbon wheels weighs about 30 9.2 pounds so
basically with these aluminum wheels I made my bike weigh about 40 and a half
pounds there are definitely lighter aluminum wheels out there but I just
wasn’t using them whoo right on who first la anymore
warmer the weather was having fun with us today
classic BC whether there was rain Sun it was overcast we were only missing the
snow all right let’s uh get it now let’s actually see how we do on a
line 26 inch wheels baby all right had a bit of a warm-up last run all right doing good feeling good with these wheels whoo oh
yeah I am I’m feeling perfectly good how is it please it’s nice you just do the
job no great yeah pretty much let’s give it a go so Paul really needs
to get that one jump after the edge drop so uh hopefully I can give it an
inspiration yeah yeah I just rolled that no break just
made it whoa was it awkward wait yeah that’s
good so what happened I went down they feel
fine yeah having that lower braun bracket it’s not going to be any problem
on those float rails like a line or any of those blue single track trails we
rode either but it will become a problem if we are to do any black or double
black diamond tack you want to do some techy stuff yeah all right let’s see how
these little wheels do on this first under intact open I don’t like freaking
alarm bracket we are gonna test out my bottom bracket height and do a couple
double black trails well huh I think I hit my bond Rocky oh yeah I didn’t send that drop because
I got flats before I don’t want to go too crazy yeah I just got this part so crazy what
a mess where’s Paul send it dude I hit my
bottom racket twice those guys guys so the lower bottom bracket was the main
hindrance on these double black tech trails my evolved sky palette is
actually very good at tackling the gnarly steeper rough techie trails and
so now with the 26 inch wheels I’m not too sure if that was making too much
difference as I said it was that lower bottom bracket that was really hindering
me the most that was good that was fun all right seconds yelling pretty good actually
so Paul wants to do this drop for the first time the one coming up here you know totally
to it just roll easy oh I thought you’re gonna roll behind me yeah you don’t need
to be at all you can go nice and slow all right I’ll
tell them in Paul was having a harder time on this
drop and unfortunately never ended up doing it I suppose my 26 inch wheels
weren’t very inspiring to him let’s continue the weather’s getting nicer
this is sick wow that was gnarly off that’s kind of a
big drop too and you like send it I think that’s about as much gnarly tech
that I’m going to do for today I’m feeling really good right now and warmed
up so I just want to see what I can do with this wheel setup back Bru’s how it’s going good alright follow
mr. Paul the punter don’t trails like angry pirate I thought we’re running
very nicely with this whole 26-inch setup I think that there are even
advantages to having that lower center of gravity on some of these trails even
though I would normally want that higher bond bracket it was these tighter turns
that you find here and especially on ninja cougar I was loving these wheels
on this kind of stuff so it good yeah that is good fun that feels great ah you didn’t pretty good with the one
putters hostel yeah I’m pretty good now tighter trails like
double Courvoisier were another great examples of trails that felt so good
with these smaller wheels the added agility was a nice feeling well this is
so fun so smooth all right I was thick all right Seeger
merchants let’s see how it goes my 26 inch wheels on my Scott College it was
still running pretty good even though it was starting to rain a bit again here
especially this first half it always runs very nicely wait it’s raining a bit I suck so well wait I was actually really good I do have to say I was struggling on
this later portion of dirt merchants though obviously the conditions are not
the best right now anyway but even with twenty seven five wheels I still
struggle to properly clear some of these later jumps on dirt merchant man yeah
it’s really slow that’s for sure oh that was tough but yeah I was wet it is
usually slower when it’s wet like that okay yeah Maureen yeah Paul did end up
giving up on his goal to clear that one jump on a line and that’s okay sometimes
it’s better to just forget about goals and just have fun and ride your bike you
know by the end of the day I was feeling so good on these wheels shred and a line
was tons of fun but it’s the kind of thing that you can’t tell while watching
the video you can only tell speeds and this and that you can’t tell how it
really feels for me and you know what I was really enjoying it but at the same
time I’ll have to admit it wasn’t necessarily that different for my carbon
27:5 wheels especially considering these aluminum wheels were heavier than my
bigger wheels so that’s kind of funny but even with the heavier wheels and the
lower bottom bracket height I was feeling totally awesome on trails like a
line or those blue flowier trails like a ninja cougar hochiminh
railey and the berms was so much fun but I do have to say if your bike is made
for a certain wheel size it’s gonna be best to ride that wheel size generally
so I’m gonna be putting back on my 27 5 wheels onto the sky pallet it is how
it’s supposed to be ridden and that way I can have the proper bottom bracket
height and ride the tech trails a lot better
oh yeah there we go man I gotta get better at that corner that’s one butter pretty go with those
one butter 1/4 again but you know what I actually decided to do a fun little
comparison kind of video and that’s what you’re gonna see next week I’m gonna do
a fun little comparison with my two wheel sizes here at Whistler so stay
tuned for next week’s video thank you all so much for watching I got to give a
huge shout out to my favorite sponsors which are my patrons on patreon if you
guys like downhill and freeride content make sure you guys subscribe and check
out all my other videos thanks guys see you next time

100 thoughts on “What Happens When You Put SMALLER Wheels on your DH Bike?! | Jordan Boostmaster”

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