WHAT!? HAPPY WHEELS IS BACK TOO ITS LITTYYY (sry, not sorry) | Happy Wheels #32
WHAT!? HAPPY WHEELS IS BACK TOO ITS LITTYYY (sry, not sorry) | Happy Wheels #32

Yeah, y’all feelin this ain’tcha your neck notin strong like a diving board take off the best helmet. Oh my gosh, oh my God Yeah… im extra today Okay, um thats a through back to other people that used to watch me actually hold it Where’s my manners, sup youtube coryxkenshin here and welcome a greek engineering welcome? Yes back HAPPY WHELLS ACTION yeah thatsthrow back alright because back in the day I used to advance that every time I used to start the game up you guys practically Demanded that we return To happy wheels made you a bet in the guts and glory video if it got like Forty thousand likes or some we’d come back so it’s back. I wanted to stay back Yeah Wwe nautical Nonsense the Krusty Krab oh I’m a deployables whippet round you forget he taught us the whole way hold up rattle Yeah Dang it. No, grabbing grabbing wait. Where’s Bob over here – what else was Bob wait would you do it? Oh, yeah bro, ye Crackin 99% impossible Really 1% people will give up That’s not a lot of people give it up ok anyways it looks like we got to just jump through the thing with the cannonball comin so watch this watch this watch this one and There you go Before oh be back leap forward oh oh perfect get in the box listen Okay, I don’t know what that was, but I remember this level all you got to do is grab the side Hold up, you gotta grab the slides like I do back up I’m actually tired of how easy these levels are what this is getting out of control they all rising drop the beat happy Wheels Master Supersonic Blasters cool retention on the beat the timer right flash shout out raisin cake Please both so two of my children are these levels take a look post-mortem. Yeah Y’all feelin is ain’t y’all your leg nothing strong like a diving board take off pause for dramatic effect I’m smashing your neck these, Louisville, men they get no respect Nah, I’m coming back what you fought fam first two dropping on your head like an anvil Look, I could’ve kept going but I didn’t want to melt your house man. Y’all don’t go sup That is very rising right now. I make it on that fire over there. You should be ashamed of yourself, right? Let’s get to don’t play this level. Oh No, I gotta play it have learn Okay I’ma just grind up fool. Oh, I must hit you I’m a skippers all headed personal. Oh, chichi told me. Oh hold on let me back this up day. She told me, huh She cheated on me family. I got no love there is nothing holding you back Wait what? Trolled again. Do you please doctor told me I will let you win. Thank you Neon Stairs run, bro That’s all you have to say to your boy yeah, but I love my son. I love my son Don’t need a lit bottle run. Oh, it’s been a minute since we did a bottle run welcome Okay Let’s get it See the trick to this Just let that first wheels Have a little bit of hair. That’s all you need lately That’s all you need does easy breh always the best helmet naked girl Glitch, how Bottle Flip all right let’s get it So I got it All right, I’m mlg but we already knew that hold on let me get the window Hold up grab the glass dude dude get it okay dude sup drinking My man chugging the whole bottle my boy let it down try it again. Oh my gosh Wait, it bounced up to the wait wait. Oh That’s a win. Wait hold up dude. Can you even win this bro? I’m getting too invested in this why won’t it go up to the wind what? It’s falling through the wind this game act. We got a sword throw um. Oh you know how I like, baby We got a coal a over there. I’m gonna need you it up. Come on. Come on. Okay? Pre-show we got light over there. I’m going to get a double kill with super over Go let go let go larry a pre-show boy, or girl. We got lye away wait watch the sword there. We go there we go Sit down now. We got these two stores on the top. I don’t want to mess up and kill myself There we go. Oh Ja actually still been making Cory Kenshin levels I Love your attention by Edie the game or try to get the dart that You did that? We bought the game Cory OBc giant by Giant love her hard a-Port Fuck it man, hold up My Sunday, okay, so here. We go this wrecking ball Trying to come in like Miley Cyrus. I know that joke is old, but I don’t have my material Jota Jota we got there. We gotta go down go down. There are we going my young? Go get the freaking get on Thank you. Oh my oh my god. Oh my gosh. We still making it So better we’re getting spiked by giant lover fall deep alright here. We go here. We go. I got you I got you That’s a game that’s different what I meant to say was that’s a gg. I’m not back. I’m done with this That’s the one I mean, that’s the one okay listen Or is it to one eye boom pow? I’m too clean with it breakfast Clean with it breakfast clean with it everybody know it. I don’t have I got a minute with the shirts me Isn’t he or a kitchen trials by the wise aid as locals other my Fav you to record get you down. Thank you Hope he plays it first. You know let’s get your best Youtuber a I appreciate job I appreciate that let’s keep warms up over. This this is a semolo sir, okay? Next up is a samurai wannabe yard. You know I’m way past that samurai recruit I’m kind of not a recruit so so let’s keep going Samurais student Yeah, I don’t think I’m the student no more People try this again. Oh my God did I don’t know how Wait now. I’m dead not a student come on I broke my leg imma need to cause causing back up alright my samurai Sometimes the shogun can’t be auto levels farm so he needs help I’m tasking everybody who is ever played heavy will Or think that you would enjoy this game Did you mean to beat this level for me because I don’t know if I’m gonna Beat it guys I’m trying Oh, oh simple all right samurai apprentice. Let’s do this Hold up, hold up. I got it. I got it watch the mines at the bottom watch the mines at the bottom Joe Now what jump on this? Wait what oh my gosh troll? Watching guys we’re going to end it there Just a nice little refresher back in the ambulance. I appreciate you guys still making levels for me and everything I really think we have complained this level somebody look up when the last episode of this was by the way It’s today’s your birthday, I Hope you have a lovely birthday, or if your guy have a rad birthday I can’t stay lovely burn things together, so your voice is trying to spread some love on this necklace, Wednesday Thursday, hopefully guys enjoy these digit assistance and samurai slash I like my subscribe today to join us em right until next time a business Cuz that name is very kinky. He didn’t say you

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