What’s Inside? CRAZY BLACK HOLE TRACK IN SPACE PLANETARIUM | Hot Wheels Unlimited | Hot Wheels
What’s Inside? CRAZY BLACK HOLE TRACK IN SPACE PLANETARIUM | Hot Wheels Unlimited | Hot Wheels

(Dramatic music) – [Narrator] A Hot Wheels
production hosted by Andy Riesmeyer and Dan and
Lincoln from What’s Inside. – Hey, welcome back to Hot
Wheels Unlimited. I’m Andy. Today we’re joined by Dan and
Lincoln from What’s Inside. (Metallic synthesizer music) – Oddly enough, we do have
a metal core golf ball. – So you know how we
have unlimited track and we’re putting it in all
these really cool locations. (track whooshing) We thought you guys
might be able to suggest where we should do
our next big stunt. – Like, anywhere? – Anywhere. I have unlimited
track, do anything with it. – Let’s go to space.
(chuckling) We can do anything with it. – I guess we’re going to space. – Space! – Oh boy. (metallic whirring) (mysterious orchestra music) – Alright, so here we go. – Mission Control. – We’ve got all of our
systems set up and ready. We’re going to just
check and make sure everything is all right. Let’s go ahead and run down
systems for a successful launch. Lincoln, are you a go? – I am go. – [Andy] Stand by for launch. – Standing by. – Begin countdown. It looks
like we have two hero cars. – Was that there the whole time? – It’s fine, don’t
worry about it. Alright, standby for ignition.
T-Minus five, four, three… We have main engines start. (engines revving) Two, one… (low boom) and lift-off. Lift-off on the first
Hot Wheels in space. (metallic rumbling) (high energy racy music) (engine revving
and gears changing) (track rumbling) (fades to fast-paced
mysterious music) – [Dan] Wait, what is that? – [Andy] It can’t
be. A black hole. – What happens when
we hit a black hole? (engine revving) (dramatic music slowing down) – What happens when
we hit a black hole? (clock ticking)
(indistinct voices) (dramatic music) – It looks like we
have two hero cars. – [Dan] Was that
there the whole time? – It’s fine, don’t
worry about it. Alright, standby for ignition. (Engine revving) We did it. Look at that.
We went to space and back. – I mean, that was pretty cool. – Yeah, it was cool.
– That was pretty cool. – So, here’s the thing
that’s really exciting about Hot Wheels Unlimited. We want to see what you would
do with this much track. Let us know in the
comment section below. Registered users can like
and subscribe as always. Dan and Lincoln, thank
you guys so much. – Yeah, thank you.
– Awesome. Hey, high-fives all around. (loud groaning) See you guys later. Bye-bye. (engine revving) – [Narrator] A Hot
Wheels Production. (engine revving fades
to upbeat music)

100 thoughts on “What’s Inside? CRAZY BLACK HOLE TRACK IN SPACE PLANETARIUM | Hot Wheels Unlimited | Hot Wheels”

  1. Hot Wheels says:

    Wait so… what's inside a black hole? ⚫ 🏁

  2. Brandon1629ESUHSD says:

    Even though this is out of this world, the black hole would lead to the past where The Highway 35 Movie was on. It could be a what if

  3. Ryan Walker says:

    cool how about through time!

  4. Tess Tucay says:

    Yay what's inside dudes/Dan and Lincoln are in this vid

  5. koji flor says:

    put tracks in a football field!!!!!

  6. Amy Angradi says:

    Omg that is the best track ever

  7. Alexander Craven says:

    Lol at the start they used the apple race car noise.

  8. elf BANGER says:

    Thats cool

  9. Pure White says:

    Awesome Dan

  10. Noah Frasco says:

    That was out of this world😉

  11. John Burr says:

    I'd do a massive track through my office at work.

  12. I got hacked Help says:

    Who do you like
    Comment:hot wheels
    Like:what's inside

  13. Elias Arreola says:

    I wood make a big loop😱😱😱😱😱

  14. Nathaniel Touch says:

    Like the effects

  15. Sarah Service says:

    Absolutely awesome!!

  16. Umar Ali says:

    I would make the most complicated track

  17. TheCringeyGuy Owen says:

    Put it in a volcano.

  18. Dylan Thompson says:

    Hmm. I didn't know companies could clickbait

  19. Dark Dawn says:

    Make underwater trak

  20. mariano says:

    If I had that much track I'll make it go around the crismase tree

  21. Andrey Shcherbakov says:


  22. Brewer Racing says:

    I would go from the tip of Florida to the tip of Alaska

  23. TrumpGames Today says:

    2:47 is the shooting star meme

  24. Jack Clarke says:

    Go to Utah!

  25. Dodgers132242 says:

    Who else came from what's inside video?

  26. Sai Aditya T says:

    Awesome Video Dan and Link

  27. Ellen Fan Forever says:

    Race around the world😃😃😃

  28. Deep Das says:

    I would built a track around burj khalifa

  29. Adam N says:

    How about laying Hot Wheels track that runs the entire track of the Cyclone roller coaster at Coney Island. Lets see if the car can complete the Cyclones entire route under its own power. I think doing this on the track of an iconic roller coaster like the Cyclone would make for great promotion.

  30. Robert Houben says:

    Too cool!

  31. Girindar Singh says:

    Very unreal

  32. Om Singh says:

    i would make the cars travel around worl..showing different cultures,with such track

  33. UNTITLEDdotexe 0088 says:

    do a texas to nyc hot wheels unlimited race

  34. UNTITLEDdotexe 0088 says:

    instant subscribe

  35. Andrew christensen says:

    I would run it around the Rose Bowl in Pasadena,California .

  36. Michael Arnold says:

    That isn't space. You need to ask Elon to go to space.

  37. kristin ogden says:

    a gilice far far owa

  38. Patryk Król says:


  39. ihsmithy says:

    See if you can use unlimited track somewhere in the White House

  40. baldiandpuppet 11 says:

    spase and vid games

  41. Eric Conley says:

    With all the unlimited track I will go to Paris and saying down the Eiffel Tower

  42. Potato Plant says:

    Sir I’m gonna need a Doug score on that hot wheels car

  43. SK dslr19 says:

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    longest jump ever

  45. The Cool Channel of Minecraft Disasters says:

    I would make it go around my whole house and backyard (By the way my back yard is huge)

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  47. Srinivasa dh says:

    I would put the hole track going through my hole home

  48. EmeraldDagger Gaming says:

    Is this in real space?

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    I would rap it around my house

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    I'd make it drive as far as it can

  51. MysticalGamer says:

    If I had unlimited track I would Make a track go from half way across the world and back

  52. GrimReaper 2600 says:

    "What happens when we hit a black hole?"
    Apparently green screen

  53. switchty4 says:

    I’d like to see you race hotwheels cars against their real life counterparts.

  54. diannette Rodriguez says:

    That’s so fake

  55. Jetnetwork24 says:

    lol Whats inside was in lego and now hot wheels? thats awsome!

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    I would go to the ocean.

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    We were living in Paris to play with Hot Wheels LOL

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    what an idea! Congratulations!

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    let it in my winer

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    Better than Star Wars…

  74. Guacamole Nigga says:

    I have a car that you guys that I want you to make is the koenisseg one:1 and and the bugatti chiron

  75. Darren Sykes says:

    A farm

  76. Elizabeth Garcia says:

    Was that real or fake

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    Wow that was awesome

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