Wheel of Fore-tune
Wheel of Fore-tune

Simpson: Fore… Fore! Scott: Probably not the 1-iron. Kids club, awesome. I have to hit this? Spieth: I think the driver I’d be least looking forward to. Annnnd it’s the driver. Hit my driver? I was in between clubs there. I didn’t know how soft to hit it. It was close. I wish I had done the switch sides. Next time. Hughes: Kids club. Man, I wanted the 1-iron. That’s to hard. Thing was a dart. McIlroy: I’m not a good left-handed player, but alright… Okay, switch sides. I’ll leave that to Phil. Rose: It hit the stands. Dangerous to spectators, this game. Stenson: I’ve got three kids. Kids clubs, I’ve hit a few of those. 1-iron, I don’t carry a 1-iron, do you have one? I know I’ve got enough club now. Are you insured? Get down, get down! Aghhh. It’s very unfair. Garcia: A 1-iron. That seems … That seems like the right distance. Simpson: I’m going to hit a 70-yard slice. Fore! Sorry to scare you guys. They made me hit 1-iron. I had to spin that wheel.

49 thoughts on “Wheel of Fore-tune”

  1. Yosuke Kumagawa says:

    No big money??

  2. Willy Snakes says:

    Let me get some left handed blades…I know y'all have some just laying around

  3. CamboSlice says:

    you guys should do more of these 🙂

  4. petef7 says:

    More and longer

  5. Tommy Bodensteiner says:

    Switch is the best

  6. chaveznieves says:

    dat starters music

  7. DoCoMo661 says:

    3 dislikes? Why?!

  8. Jayden Lawson says:

    No one made the green? Amateurs

  9. jarrodbrush says:

    "Sorry guys, they made me hit a 1 iron"!

  10. Jeremiah Teabout says:

    why don't you have a choice called lob wedge?

  11. Ryan Bailey says:

    Play a round of golf left handed.

  12. Thoraxe555 says:

    at least rory actually spun the damn thing. Did the other guys even do one full rotation?

  13. Ronson Lee says:

    Do more stuff like this!!

  14. Hezekiah Daggett says:

    In a lightning storm, hold up a one iron…… not even god can hit a one iron. Old joke I know

  15. Chuck Taylor says:

    Get rid of the music so we can hear the pros comments.

  16. Daniel Q says:

    I've watched this 25 times and this never gets old.

  17. Jaime Lorenzo Del Rosario Diaz De Rivera says:

    secretly just club slots from mario golf

  18. Mackaygolf says:

    This was totally awesome, MORE PLEASE!!!!!

  19. Synthetic Oil Protection says:

    It's like mini Putt-Putt but regular golf LOL

  20. Tanktanium says:

    This is great, do more of this stuff. European Tour is all over stuff like this and it's so much fun.

  21. Adam Ferguson says:

    Someone has been watching scotty cranmer

  22. JK CU says:

    Part 2 plez

  23. Natechua says:


  24. Sam Pullen says:

    Maybe show we’re the balls end up ?

  25. A E says:

    0:05 – four
    0:06 -FOUR

  26. breadfan262 says:

    Slow motion doesn’t work for this

  27. Ryan Gann says:

    Every hole and make it a major

  28. Accidently on Purpose says:

    What's the point of showing a video like this without showing the results if each golfer???

  29. Linus says:

    Those were such wimpy spins

  30. SabotPottery says:

    I watched James Robinson using a 0° iron on his YouTube channel. It was specially made for him by Mizano just as a one-off but that would be a great challenge to see what these professionals could make of it.

  31. Luciano Gomes says:

    @GM__ golf

  32. Grant M says:

    @gm_golf wheel of not ideal. They out here stealing your content

  33. Ezra Murti says:

    I'm sure the kids club would be fine for Rory

  34. Travis Cox says:

    @gm__golf this is Not Ideal

  35. Brendan Tanamachi says:

    Wheel of not ideal

  36. Josh Suto says:

    Wow copying gm golf

  37. Michael Smith says:

    That music is so…… Annoying….

  38. Levi Fillmlre says:


  39. Charlie Odom says:

    Poor Sergio….that shot looked like the rest of his on tour!

  40. Rob Mcgrew says:

    Wheel of not ideal

  41. Hugh Bakel says:

    Gm golf lmao

  42. Danny Phantom1621 says:


  43. Call me Drink says:

    when you realize that rorys swing left handed is better than your own swing

  44. Soldoutoftds Fantasy Lounge says:


  45. Tedwa says:

    You really be out here stealing Gm golfs ideas

  46. Kade McWilliams says:

    Gmgolf did it first

  47. Ryan says:

    Completely ripped from @gm_golf wheel of not ideal. Not ideal to steal things PGA. You are officially out of the straw bag yaya

  48. Gam3r 3723 says:

    Everyone have a blessed day today! John 3: 16 😁😎👍

  49. Qwerty19 says:

    … gm golf?

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