Wheel of Impressions with Sarah Paulson
Wheel of Impressions with Sarah Paulson

-♫ It´s the
“Wheel of Impressions ♫ -Now, how it works is
we´re gonna take turns hitting this button right here, which activates
the Impression Generator. -[ Laughs ]
-It´ll land one one random celebrity that
we can do impressions of. -Right.
-And then, one random topic. So whoever´s turn it is
has to do an impression of that celebrity talking
about that topic. Sara, since you´re my guest, why don´t you go first? [ Beeping ] -Are you gonna give me that mic? Kathleen Turner… Kathleen Turner talking about
Slip N´ Slides. So you have to talk about
Slip N´ Slides. -Okay.
-I have a microphone for you. -You can look into
that camera there. -Is this Kathleen Turner
20 years ago, or Kathleen Turner today? Today — I´m gonna do today. -If you close your eyes, this is
Kathleen Turner today… -[ As Kathleen Turner ]
Oh, listen, Jimmy, believe me. [ Laughter ] I know all about Slip N´ Slides. I walked that long, lonely
crocodile mile. [ Laughter ] And it always ends the same way. You run, you slide, you hit
the bump, and you take a dive. [ Laughter ] -Come on.
[ Ding ] [ Band plays ]
Oh, my God. Oh, my God! She does Kathleen Turner
so good! Okay, this is
my turn right here. Let´s see what I get here. [ Beeping ] [ Laughter ] [ Laughter and applause ] All right. Al Pacino…
Now, this is not saying if it´s young Al Pacino
or old Al Pacino. I´ll do both. -Show-off.
-I´ll do young Al Pacino talking to old Al Pacino
about Fidget Spinners. All right, here we go. -[ As young Al Pacino ] Oh, boy. [ Laughter ] You gotta see these
Fidget Spinners. They spin, and all your problems
go away. [ As old Al Pacino ] Oh, ah, it
is absolutely amazing, spinning round and round
and round and round! [ Cheers and applause ] [ Ding ] [ Band plays ] [ Normal voice ] I don´t know
what I´m doing, I don´t know. -I like how you almost threw
your neck out doing that. You´re like, “Round and round!”
And it´s like, I got nervous! -Young Al Pacino almost sounded
like Ray Ramano at one point. Okay, yeah.
[ Laughter ] All right, you´re up.
You can press the button. [ Beeping ] Okay, Holly Hunter talking about
a gas station. I love Holly Hunter. -[ As Holly Hunter ]
I love her, too. This is great, Jimmy. [ Laughter ] This is so great. I mean, this is so superior to
that service station on Wilshire. So, you got —
This is great, Jimmy. This is so great.
I love this. I love this so much. Okay, you got all sorts
of snacks — Skittles, Starburst,
sunflower seeds if you´re trying to watch
your sugar. [ Laughter ] [ Normal voice ] That´s it.
[ Ding ] [ Band plays ]
-Oh, my God! You could do that all night! That is so —
I can´t top that. All right.
I´m gonna go anyway, though. Here we go. [ Beeping ] Zak de la Rocha from
“Rage Against the Machine”… -No, come on. -McDonald´s drive thru. [ Laughter ] Questlove, you´re laughing
already. [ Laughter ] All right. Could you give me a little
something? Zak de la Rocha from
“Rage Against the Machine,” I love them.
All right, here go. [ Electric guitar plays ] -[ As Zak de la Rocha ]
♫ Some of us who want nuggets ♫ ♫ Are the same
that want sauces ♫ ♫ French fry guy ♫ ♫ Oh, my my ♫ ♫ Get an apple pie ♫ ♫ McDonald´s drive thru ♫ ♫ We do wherever ♫ [ Ding ] ♫ Got the emoji
in my Happy Meal ♫ [ Cheers and applause ] -That was very good.
-[ Normal voice ] No, no. -That was very good.
-No. -There were nuggets,
there were emojis, there were lots
of things going on. Happy Meals, yeah. -Sara, this is up to you.
This is the last one, so please.
-No pressure, Jimmy. Is this thing even on?
If not, it´s a trick! -That´s fake.
That´s a rubber chicken. -Yeah, this thing is not on. Oh, now it is. Very good. [ Laughter ] Very, very well done. [ Laughter ] They responded to me.
-Yeah, they really did. Yeah, you banged it on the desk.
Yeah, exactly. Yeah, “Is this thing on?”
Now it´s broken, okay. [ Beeping ] [ Cheers ] Drew Barrymore, basically
my sister-in-law, we love Drew.
She´s family. -[ As Drew Barrymore ]
I love her. This is so — I´m so —
Thank you. [ Cheers and applause ] Thank you. Thank you so much. Thank you. I´m just gonna —
I´m so honored to be in attendance today. Okay, thank you so much. Thank you. -Are you talking about a
substitute teacher? -I´m talking about
substitute teaching. I´m so, so grateful to be here. -But who is the teacher? -Her name is Abby,
Abby Adamson. And, oh, my gosh. Abby, I love your name so much. It´s like Aaaaah… -Sarah Paulson!
[ Ding ] You can´t beat that. [ Band plays ]
[ Cheers and applause ] You cannot beat that
with a bat, come on. Sarah Paulson! That is all the time we have for
“Wheel of Impressions!”

100 thoughts on “Wheel of Impressions with Sarah Paulson”

  1. Kev Low says:

    These segments would be even better if they weren't staged!

  2. Amoras Queen says:

    im obsessed with sarah paulson 😭😭😍😍😘

  3. Erick L. Salgado says:

    I lost it when Jimmy said "that's a rubber chicken" when sarah asked if the mic was real.

  4. Aleksandra says:

    Why the fuck does everyone say ROCA it’s ROCHA

  5. Aleksandra says:

    I was going through YouTube looking for my man Zack de la Rocha and this video came up, and I assumed that his name was in this video somewhere. I’m so sad that you literally can’t find anything on this guy anymore as of 2019 and this is the closest I could get

  6. Lulaire Noroub says:

    If my surname was Paulson, I would make damn sure I had a kid named Robert

  7. H43N says:

    she did holly hunter a lot on studio 60. this wasn't random

  8. Kevin Moore says:

    Very entertaining but clearly a set-up. Paulson does a great Drew Barrymore, I've heard it several times before. They ask the guest, "Who do you do?" She tells them. They put whoever it is on the fake "machine" and that's the person on the button and that's the impression the guest does. Surprise! A nice bit but they really should just admit what they are actually doing.

  9. Mike Riley says:

    Holy crap the Drew Barrymore isnt spot on but I give an A for effort. Her Kathleen Turner was perfect.

  10. Michel de jong says:

    Why is that fallon is also wounded. Is that a temper problem

  11. Matt Sharpe says:

    I have said the same thing about Jimmy Kimmel, and that is, that it is too bad that Jimmy Fallon has turned into a SJW turd , BECAUSE he, like Kimmel can be very entertaining and funny, when politics is NOT involved… But hey, welcome to present day America 😞

  12. Arnav Biswas says:

    Jimmy's impression on Zach was really cool.

  13. Tom Upton says:

    Good God he's insufferable

  14. Christopher Chaboyer says:

    Sarah Paulson is amazing

  15. Brandon King says:

    Sounds like d generation x theme a little bit when Jimmy did Zach

  16. Papa Spaceflight says:

    She is so wonderful

  17. Elaine Cristina says:


  18. Randy Thompson says:

    This video is great because I fast forward through all of Jimmy’s impressions and just watch Sarah’s impressions.

  19. Michaela Venellskiedoodleskiedoo says:

    That Drew Barrymore impression is soooo on point 👏😂

  20. Dedham Tinker says:

    She’s so hot

  21. Chef Craig Orrell says:

    She killed it

  22. Alex Ferreira says:


  23. sxm76 says:

    Shes so cute

  24. Morning Glory says:

    I about pissed myself at her holly hunter impression

  25. Sierra R says:

    That drew barrymore was spot on

  26. Onyeche Onobu says:

    Why was elastigirl talking about gas stations? 😂

  27. supermanguy1214 says:

    She’s so hot.

  28. Chuck Modzinski says:

    I loved her on Studio 60!

  29. Donnavin Zepeda says:

    The Zack de la Rocha one wasn’t that bad

  30. Anna Sloan says:

    She goes right into character eithout even prepping…she is really fun to watch

  31. Ezra Leslie says:

    she wins I think that may be it. whatever it is she wins.

  32. mitchy channel says:

    Adele's doppelganger😍

  33. J M says:

    Her name… is Sarah Paulson. Her name…

  34. Harry Swine says:

    Press the button so we can do the impression we rehearsed earlier.

  35. El Guapo says:

    All awesome

  36. Victoria S says:

    I literally Have no idea who these people are 😂

  37. Mick's HORROR and Pop Culture Channel says:


  38. insane professional says:

    Zack de la Rocha. Rap McDonald's.

  39. Shreya Choudhury says:

    I couldn’t ever stop laughing at either of these two. They’re too good and I love their friendship!

    The Al Pacino impression just had me in tears of laughter 😂.

  40. xBleuGuyx says:

    She's does the best impressions of people I have no idea who they are.

  41. Mike Killagreen says:

    We know it's not random why not just have them pick from a list.

  42. Mike Killagreen says:

    She is spot on!

  43. Liam Holt says:

    I can't stand her. Something about her ruins movies and television for me. It's the "ugly cry", I think.

  44. Just Aguy says:

    She’s hilarious

  45. Juanita Cruz says:

    LOVE HER 😁😁😁😁😁😁

  46. Jesse Jordan says:

    So lucky they picked ones she happened to be able to do so well, such a spontaneous segment..

  47. Don Vape says:

    Great Kathleen Turner. Who does her.

  48. Electrosurge 666 says:

    Sarah Paulson is really the best example of a movie/TV star. Talent that is always award worthy, glamorous, sophisticated while remaining relatable, humorous, genuinely likable, down to Earth, and obviously beautiful. However, most of all; unbelievably humble for all of the above. I know I take notes when she talks about how to act. If more actors were like her; I'm sure Hollywood would be a better place. Look at Paulson. That's how to be a STAR!
    BTW: she should have won best actress for Lana in Asylum.

  49. Nova Neo says:

    If this was a physical spin wheel it wouldn't seem so planned out and perfect

  50. Franky Garcia says:

    Wow,,,so freaking talented,,,😂😂🤣😂🤣😂she nail it ,,, ❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️

  51. Aline Falcao says:

    My precious Sarah Paulson

  52. Greg ybarra says:

    jimmy sucks dog dick for quarters……

  53. Dania Elshafie says:

    I said it once am gonna say it 600 times:
    SARAH PAULSON IS UNDERRATED ….. I mean if she’s given enough attention and better roles she would crush Meryl Streep

  54. Jezreel Hasman says:

    I think they’re lip syncing so I’m sad now

  55. Jazmin Valop says:

    Does anyone else skip Jimmy's impressions?

  56. Angel Curtain says:

    Idk why but every single times that its Jimmy's turn i will skip until the guest does it . 😂😂 cause its always cringey for me

  57. The Ukulele Affair says:

    She’s awesome!!!

  58. M. Bahadir Özer says:

    Chatting, playing games and joking with lots of famous people who has different personalities from each other, on the air need to be a special ability. I think that you are one of the best in the Show World. I am curious, how do you do that?

  59. Giorgia goglio says:

    I was litterally crying during her last one

  60. TheSimplyQua says:

    Wow. I had no clue she was so brilliant with impressions!

  61. Gavin Blackshear says:

    Ngl, I'd like to see that RATM bit turn into a full song

  62. KONAmustang50 says:

    She's incredible!

  63. powergirl901 says:

    Her Drew Barrymore is firm, but Kristen Wiig's is alot funnier.

  64. photogirlx88 says:


  65. peter papadimitriou says:

    Funny stuff

  66. Ar558a says:

    Who remembers Sarah's HollY Hunter from Studio 60?

  67. Ronald E. Benavides says:

    Please she has to host SNL!!!

  68. B Willzzz says:

    1:56 sarahs so cute love her

  69. mariethesizzler 9492 says:

    I love her


    We love Sarah Paulson ❤️

  71. Savannah Gonzales says:

    I love HER!! She’s an amazing actress

  72. Karolina says:

    I love her, watching American Crime Story OJ Simpson now, she has a great leading role there!

  73. Blueberry Reloaded says:

    her drew impressions are iconic😂

  74. Eigen Egi says:

    I do really love watching Jimmy Fallon. He's so funny. But I don't know.. These days, he seems so fake. what happened?

  75. Jacob White says:

    4:24 oh my goddd 😂

  76. Buddha Fortune says:

    Holly hunter elasta girl

  77. Friday Knight says:

    Imagine thinking this isn't almost completely scripted

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    Sarah Paulson is a treasure 😍🤩

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    Drew Barrymore had me 😂😂😂

  81. Mr. Marino says:

    She is so hot and talented.

  82. Rachel Milano says:

    They need to have celebrities reacting to watching the celebrity wheel of impressions! Like celebrities read mean tweets about themselves!

  83. Jala Bogard says:

    This is the best video on YouTube 😂😂😂

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    We have a skinny legand

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    That was so entertaining! Holly Hunter impression was so great! Had me laughing 😂

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    bro they have such good chemistry on the show im soft

  87. Faith Gingerich says:

    YouTube recommendations:
    2017: f*ck you
    2018: DID I STUTTER?!
    2019: fine, you bitch

    Wtf man, stop it! I want things when they come out!

  88. Mariah Bundy says:

    I used to like Jimmy Fallon. But that fake ass laugh, slapping the desk, head drop just gets on my nerves. I hope he slams his head into the desk one day and gets replaced. Ha sorry i got a little dark but anyone else feel this way?

  89. Philippe Chauveau-Bellieu says:

    This girl is fabulous

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    THIS is how you win Snatch Game.

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    Who else's skips Jimmy's portion

  92. Allie Martin says:

    Bill Hader needs to do this!!!!!!

  93. harmonicmcj says:

    As a straight woman, I’ve made it very clear to my husband that Sarah is my hallpass. 💕

  94. Raven Winters says:

    These are staged and they practice before hand

    All these bits are actually a way for him to showcase HIS IMPRESSIONS not the guests

  95. aic83 ! says:

    I get that he may be lame in interviews, but for all you jimmy haters… just watch his impressions and musical performances!!!

  96. s l o w - m o // NESTI says:


  97. Moosedraw says:

    She’s stunning.

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    She’s really good at Holly 😵 but she could have talked about Raising Arizona XD

    Edit : she is good at Drew too!

  99. Bailey Ann says:

    I need to learn impressions

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    Queen of impressions 😂

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