Wheel of Opinions with John Mulaney
Wheel of Opinions with John Mulaney

-How it works is you’re going to
hit this button here, which really works. It activates the opinion topic
generator. It will land on a random topic
that relates to this time of year. Whatever it is, you have to give
your opinion on it. -Knee jerk?
-Yep. First thing. Doesn’t have to be prepared.
Nothing. You ready?
-Okay. Yep. -Go ahead. [ Musical beeping plays ] -Rudolph the Red-Nosed Reindeer.
-Oh. You know what? This is what pisses me off
about that. No, but for real, okay so
they’re mean to him and there’s a foggy night. I guess this is the first time
it’s ever happened. And so Santa puts him in front,
I’m assuming, and he lights the way. And then they go, “then all the
reindeer loved him, and they shouted out with glee,
Rudolph the Red-Nosed Reindeer, you’ll go down in history.” First off, you don’t just erase
the abuse. And secondly,
“you’ll go down in history,” That’s a claim. And fame and
love, I hate to say it, but fame is not love.
They are very different things. I have done a lot of work to get
to that conclusion. And I hope Rudolph
sees a therapist. [ Bell dings ]
-That’s unbelievable. [ Cheers and applause ]
-I never thought about that. That is fantastic. -I’ve never
thought about it either. -That’s so good. That’s the
whole point of the game. Let’s give it another go
over here. -Okay. All right. [ Musical beeping plays ] -Mistletoe. If any decoration
needs to be me too’d, the mistletoe — this is the
most — who the hell? Like, in what world — like
walking through a doorway with another person
weird enough. I don’t need this perverted
garnish over the door. I don’t want to see it.
I don’t want to hear about it. -Oh, my God. I’ve never —
That’s fantastic. I’ve never heard you
raise your voice. -It’s an upsetting garnish.
-It’s an upsetting, yeah. Let’s do another one.
-Okay. All right. [ Musical beeping plays ] -Fingerless gloves.
-Okay. They seem to be favored by
crooks in movies. [ Laughter ] Now, I’m no forensic scientist,
but I would imagine that it’s exactly these parts of
the hand that you want to cover up if you’re a crook.
-There you go. Listen up, crooks.
-Alright. [ Cheers and applause ] -I want to do this all night.
We only have time for one more. -I love my own thoughts.
[ Laughter ] -John, you have one more.
-Okay, go. -Thank you very much.
Here we go. -yeah. [ Musical beeping plays ] -The 2010s. 2010s.
-Oh, they’re ending. -They are, the decade is over.
-Ooh! [ Audience groans ]
-That’s right. -Well, what a decade. Here’s how I’d sum up the 2010s. I was going through the airport
and there was a guy and he was traveling and there
was a woman from TSA. And they were screaming
at each other. And she said,
“I wouldn’t disrespect you, if you hadn’t disrespected me
in the first place.” And that is the 2010s.
[ Laughter ] We’re trying to figure out who
disrespected who in the first place and we’re
both screaming at each other and everyone is just trying to
get on their Southwest flight. -That’s fantastic. That is John Mulaney
right there.

100 thoughts on “Wheel of Opinions with John Mulaney”

  1. Ana Maria says:

    Do more with John mulaney please 😂

  2. Athena Kieu says:

    did this tall child finally become well rested???

  3. gabb05 says:

    perfect 2010's description lol

  4. Daniel B says:

    Jimmy "Lets just script everything" Fallon.

  5. David Espinosa says:

    Everybody say thank you to Jimmy for allowing us to see John Mullaney raising his voice, saying "Oof" and calling mistletoe a perverted garnish.

  6. Divya Durgavarjhula says:


  7. Tabi Priya says:

    The decade isn't ending!

  8. jessc1269 says:

    “perverted garnish” is golden

  9. Mrs. McAulay says:

    Can someone explain to me what has happened to Jimmy's ring finger?….I know he had a cast on it a while ago but it looks horrible. Love him tho.

  10. New Message says:

    I actually misread the title as "Wheel of Onions"… and now I'm disappointed.

  11. rectanglethighs says:

    having to kiss someone under a mistletoe was probably created by someone who really wanted an excuse to kiss their cousin.

  12. Estela Fairbanks says:

    “Perverted garnish” will forever describe mistletoe

  13. •Aesthetic Pathetic• says:

    "I love my own thoughts"

  14. Martikah Williams says:

    I’ve been starving for more John Mulaney content.

  15. Irving Velasquez says:

    "You don't just erase the abuse" Yea tell me about it John.

  16. Francesca Mangano says:

    My favorite tall child

  17. Elizabeth Givens says:

    Yeh. Random.

  18. Truman Westberg says:

    2:26 I really want to know what he said that they cut out!

  19. Cesar Alcantar says:

    3:13 I didn't know John plays roblox

  20. MczzinLL says:

    I have no idea who he is, but his answers were amazing! I'm a fan! Haha

  21. Peter Negan says:

    soyboi alert

  22. Jykes Panda says:

    Still looks like Hugo Weaving

  23. Yangus Khan says:

    perverted or upsetting garnish, name of my metal band.

  24. Centennial Maniac says:

    i'm gonna say it again, John Mulaney needs his own tonight show

  25. efx deadeye says:

    The faces jimmy makes when mulaney begins with “mistletoe”

  26. Sumin says:

    3:14 what a mood

  27. Emme Poe says:

    I’d love to sit down and have a conservation with this man. Not Jimmy. John. Never Jimmy. God no.

  28. Mich Ritch says:

    Completely loved this. "That garnish needs to be "me too" -ed!" "Fame isn't the same as love." 👍Fabulous!

  29. Beccayerss says:

    pretty glad it was all Mulaney's opinions and none of Jimmy's

  30. Nikola Bijeliti says:

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  31. kristofferwash1 says:

    Perverted garnish

  32. Billie Whyers says:

    He should be president,lol

  33. Lara Faceroli says:

    my ass was laughing OUT LOUD😂😂

  34. mydemon says:

    "Nothing is prepared"…

  35. kindaouttaluck says:

    All I hear is Andrew glouberman

  36. Remy says:

    Whenever I see a John Mulaney video I read the description in a John Mulaney voice

  37. Jake Nunez says:


    Crooks watching-“You know what he’s kinda right! Never thought of it that way.”

  38. Fink Ployd says:

    why did jimmy touch his nose just as john hit the bottun like to signal to put rudolf topic to him .. wierd — prob not on purpose

  39. l j says:

    Jimmy: I've never heard you raise your voice
    Me: Well, then you've never watched his stand-up, b u d d y

  40. Cameron St.Bernard says:

    There is not a better way to sum up the 2010’s!


    Can we turn these games into apps ! && ypur welcome
    ill take my pay raise

  42. Jeremiah Scott says:

    Santa couldn't magically create a flashlight that attaches to the reindeer? And he never seen or heard of Rudolph being bullied?


  43. Kate Hodson says:

    This is so weird because I was just thinking today, “Rudolph has fake friends”. I love John.

  44. cesar alcalde says:


  45. Shawn&Inna Barrett says:

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  46. BelieveInMatter says:

    John Mulaney is definitely a time traveller from 1955 just trying to blend in

  47. Dannela Lagrimas says:

    this man just has one very big opinion

  48. dúlamán says:

    john: fame is not love
    me: likes the video

  49. Dannela Lagrimas says:

    he's been waiting his whole life to share these

  50. Gusty Maat says:

    Mistletoe… is a reason to send the kids to get rid of the infestation from trees

  51. monica bullock says:

    He goes to show you how attractive ‘being funny’ is. I mean he’s attractive in a picture, but when he opens his mouth, he’s s e x y.

  52. loveforeignaccents says:

    What happened?! He used to actually be funny…

  53. jason coladonato says:

    Perverted garnish what a legend when he said me too I love this dude😂😂

  54. Dannela Lagrimas says:

    john, you missed your opportunity to trash delta airlines again

  55. Izzy Perez says:

    This segment is so dumb but John Mulaney makes everything gold

  56. No.Parking says:

    Bill Burr would be awesome for this game

  57. Jack Jupiter says:

    "Walking through a doorway with another person, wEiRd EnOuGh" indeed walking?? with people?? to go in places?? would not recommend

  58. tyo789 says:

    They should do with this Jerry Seinfeld

  59. Deviant says:

    This was excellant.

  60. Sportbike Jesus says:

    Please change your outro. I hate it so much. Thank you.

  61. NY Sheart says:

    I love you Jimmy Fallon,dont judge i /////////

  62. NutMeg 25 says:

    How is he always so perfectly funny 😂 it’s official I’m in love with John Mulaney 😂❤️

  63. Hans Solo says:

    John is fcking sexxxy 🍌 jimmy, nah!!!!

  64. adam moyer says:

    “i’ve never heard you raise your voice,” says jimmy

    … uhhhhm

  65. Yhd says:

    Whats Andrew doing here?????

  66. Tim Owen says:

    Jimmy wants a turn, c'mon.

  67. satori3000 says:

    Oh hey, you've copied Mock The Week.

  68. Heather Jenkins says:

    I cannot get enough of John Mulaney ♡

  69. Diana Sayson says:

    I love John Mulaney! He's as weird as I like my friends. 🤣

  70. Kita Pritasari says:

    Another guest they should do this with is Trevor Noah!

  71. Marius Thefaker says:

    * sigh * I'm resigned to the fact that I'll never go down in history. Damn teacher's got eyes in the back of her head…

  72. Brooklyn Simmons says:

    Does jimmy seem..not ok? If that makes sense
    Idk how to phrase it, he just seems off

  73. pickle juice says:

    Rofl! Perverted garnish lmao

  74. Rin Jackson says:

    For some reason, when I first scrolled past this, I read the title as "Wheel of Morality"…

  75. Janaya Tapang says:

    I could watch a whole 45 minute episode, 26 episodes, 25 seasons of this.

  76. mahado kadir says:

    I'm simple I see mulaney I click

  77. Liza Solas says:

    Yasssss 😂😂😂😂

  78. Mary Alice Comedy says:

    Freestyle artist

  79. Wareesha Ahmed says:

    "First off, you don't just erase the abuse" lmfao

  80. rock432 says:

    A Catholic diminishing traditions? That's streets ahead, man.

  81. meg mawds says:

    Why does jimmy need to be there? The button should just laugh after John finishes!

  82. AJ says:

    Jimmy kept wanting to hit the button so bad like a kid lol

  83. Nicole Palo says:

    john, youre not a roblox character. dont say 'oof'

  84. Sultan Mulberry says:

    Rudolph still scarred for life…

  85. Sultan Mulberry says:

    "I love my own thoughts"

    –John Mulaney, 2019

  86. Reentry says:

    i loved this so much

  87. bill mullarky says:

    about as improvised as a catholic mass

  88. Emmett Marks says:

    I love Mulaney but there’s almost zero chance he didn’t have material prepared for each of these. Still golden perspectives though

  89. lisa koola says:

    upsetting garnish 😂😂

  90. EvIn97 says:


  91. Caffeinated Nation says:

    They did this bit with Bill Burr but ended up with 2 hours of unusable material because of Burr's profanity laden rants on the topics.

  92. Christopher Billups says:

    Purely brilliant.

  93. Brandon Rankin says:

    Major Seinfeld energy going on here. I love it.

  94. Kathleen Hanna Wannabe says:

    What was his initial reaction to fingerless gloves. You can’t hide the truth forever Fallon

  95. Kelsey Stevenson says:

    When Fallon first started he was calm and quirky and giggling jaut like in SNL. Now, over the past several years he has become super gimmicky and fake laughs and I can no longer watch full episodes.

    Its like hanginf with that painfully awkward friend in your friend group who tries to be cool by laughing at everyone's jokes.

  96. Cassandra Anne says:

    finally, an intellectual on the show

  97. Sergio McCallum says:

    Fingerless Gloves. A poor man's fashion choice.

  98. ana arias says:

    i would listen to john mulaney read a phonebook. he can make anything funny.

  99. lucyo says:

    new john Mulaney content? it's suddenly a very good day.

  100. lord darkmoon says:

    This guy is a total white knight and cuck, also me too is corrupt as hell

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