Wheel Speed Sensor Failure
Wheel Speed Sensor Failure

[Music] A call we get quite often on the technical hotline is: “I replaced a hub bearing, and now I’ve got an ABS light on.” Let me give you a few pointers here with what to look for. Now, on quite a few of the hubs nowadays, we have the wheel speed sensor built into the hub assembly. Now if you can see, this hub, if you take away the wheel speed sensor… this hub could actually be installed three different ways because these are exactly the same distance. So you have to pay attention when you’re pulling the old one out, to see where that wheel speed sensor is routed through. Because if you put it in the wrong way, it will probably get pinched between something and that will be your problem possibly. Now, the other possibility is not using all these brackets that we install on this hub bearing assembly for you. Notice, look at something like this here, you’re saying “wow, that’s a lot of brackets.” Well, this wheel speed sensor wiring has to be kept away from the tire. If you don’t use all the brackets that we give you that the OE manufacturer used themselves… this tire will not be routed properly, could rub up against the tire and it won’t take long at all to actually then just destroy this wire right here. So, what I’m saying here is pay attention when you’re taking it apart so when you put it back together, you can do it the exact same way.

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