Hey guys, what’s going on? So as you can see over my shoulder here I’ve got my 2014 GMC Sierra here in the
driveway again And she’s got some new shoes on her These are… They’re the 22”… They’re basically Denali wheels They came out of the GM Performance Parts
catalog What differentiates these from the standard,
stock Denali wheels Is these little inserts right here On the Denali I think these are chromed I think this is still the same paint But these little plastic inserts right here These are chromed And as you can see mine are black They’re only held on with three little screws Two up here And one that’s back here This was an expense that I didn’t intend
on making What happened was All 4 of my wheels were stolen Ok, it was parked out in front of my house And all 4 wheels got stolen The thieves just put the truck back down on
the street Sitting on the rear rotors, sitting on the
front ball joints And so obviously I don’t want that to happen
again Now the reason that I bought these wheels Over replacing them with the 20’s that were
on the truck Is these wheels were actually less expensive They came out to about $250 less per wheel Than replacing them with the 20” wheels
that were on the truck So, I’ve got a $1000 deductible… $250 per wheel, that 1000 bucks Basically I didn’t have to pay anything
out of pocket Insurance covered the whole thing And I think I got a better looking wheel anyway Obviously I don’t want my wheels stolen
again So I’m going to do what I can to try and
prevent that And I’m going to show you a few things over
here on the table that I’m going to do Clearly it’s very difficult to 100% prevent Theft or vandalism or anything like that So, I’m going to do the best I can And I’m going to show you some of the parts And some of the little tools I’m going to
use to try And protect my property So let me show you what’s on the table Ok, so the first thing that I went with Like most people go with Is a set of wheel locks Now these are from Gorilla Guard Part number is 66641 I researched wheel locks and what I really
researched Was how thieves defeat wheel locks I bought these cause I thought they were the
best At least the best fit for my situation They have this little collar on the end of
the lock Let me show you There’s the whole wheel lock And they have this little collar right there
that’s splined on the inside Let me see if I can get something to make
this show up better Ok So I put just a simple blue line on there And you can see that these two parts rotate
independently of each other One of the ways that thieves defeat wheel
locks is they just take any old socket Or not just any old socket But a socket that’s just a little bit smaller Than what would fit over the wheel lock And they take a hammer and just drive this
socket on there And then it bites in enough that they can
loosen the wheel locks That’s one way they defeat it And there’s several others But that’s the one that I’m going to try
and defeat them With these little wheel locks So this is the first line of defense We’ll just see… Ya know, do the best we
can Comes with it’s own specialized key I’ll show you what I’m going to do with
this later Cause I don’t just want to put it inside
the truck Cause then the thieves are just going to Smash my window and take the key And then take the wheels off But it does come with it’s own little key I actually just got it to kinda fit there
on it’s first shot But it is keyed to only work one way So we got that The other one… Now people complain a lot about Harbor Freight
Tools And I don’t blame them, I mean they do make
some cheap stuff But I do own some Harbor Freight stuff One of the Harbor Freight things that I own Is this stamping set Right there on the top, Stamping Set Small…. I think it’s 1/4” Numbers and letters 0 through 9 And then A through Z What I’m going to do is I’m going to take
my wheels off And I’m going to stamp, basically my initials Or I’m going to stamp something in the wheels
so if they do get stolen There’s at least some way to identify them
as my wheels When the 20’s got stolen Obviously the first thing I did was jump on
Craigslist and look around I mean… Those wheels are very common And there was a lot of sets for sale There’s no way for me to identify that set
as mine So, basically all it was doing was pissing
me off And so I just quit looking cause I knew that I wasn’t going to get those wheels back So, possibly in the future if the wheels do
get stolen There’s going to be something marked on
those wheels That if I do find a set… One, these are unique Because of those black inserts They’re not just your standard 22” Denali
wheels Those black inserts make them kind of unique We’re going to make them personal With a stamping set So we’re going to pull all four wheels off Probably do it on the flange… On the back of the flange I certainly don’t want to stamp anything
on the front So on the back of the flange we’ll stamp So let’s just get to work So obviously you’re looking at the back
side of the wheel here I’ve got my stamps here These are the initials that we’re going
to put on there M C 82 Milkcrate82 And I’m also going to number the wheels
1 through 4 So we’ve got number one here I’m going to stamp it just right in there You could do it here, here… This is just where it layed When I leaned it up against the shed here So right above the flange area right in there
is where I’m going to stamp it So let me bring you in a little bit closer Alright, right about in there Yeah, that looks good on film So this is the M, alright, let’s just get
to it Ok Well on film that looks like a 1 But it’s actually an M It’s a little faint Ya know I’m just going to leave it In the past I’ve tried to set these up again And it just looks terrible So, from a different angle, it looks like
an M So let’s just keep going Alright, there we have it See, kind of looks like an M from a different
angle It doesn’t have to be pretty But there’s going to be No other wheels that are going to have this
stamp on it M C 82, wheel number 1 Let’s put it back on and do the other three Ok, so I just ran them up With the little electric impact wrench Just seated Just to run them up Faster than I can do it by hand Then I used the breaker bar to give them just
a little torque Now it’s set down on the ground And I’m going to do the final torque Now, I’ve looked online… And there’s a lot of discrepancies on wheel
torque I finally found it after about 20 minutes
of looking in my owners manual I found what they recommend as wheel torque Let me give you the page 12-3 Under Capacities So this is also engine oil with filter capacity It’s at the very, very bottom Wheel nut torque Right there Scroll across 140 foot pounds So I do have a nice, new electric torque wrench So that’s what we’re going to use Turn it on It’s already pretty close Hopefully that’ll show Set to 140 foot pounds So I’m going to do the 5 factory lug nuts
first And then the locking lug nut And the last one is the lock nut Get this on there in the right position There we go It is a little frustrating A 13/16” socket fits the key… Fits the key the best And a 7/8” fits those lug nuts the best Or a 22mm I think Here we go, still set to 140 ft/lb And there we go, all torqued up So that’s the basic process of what I’m
doing We’re going to do the wheel locks, tag each
wheel With stamping, something that cannot be removed So now I’ve just got to do it 3 more times And then we’ll finish out this video Ok, so I just finished torquing down all 4
wheels on the truck There’s one more little thing that I want
to do To kind of make sure everything is nice and
secure And that’s something I’m going to do to
the little locking key So, let me bring you here inside the shop And I’ll show you what I’m going to do So I’m over here at the drill press Like I said, I’ve got one more thing to
do This is the key You can see the little splines in there that
engage The little notches inside the little locking
lug nuts I’m going to drill one hole through the
center of this And once I get that done, we’ll go back
to the truck and I’ll show you Why I wanted to drill a hole through this So, lets get this kind of centered up Eyeball centered…. Doesn’t have to be
super perfect Right about there and I’ll clamp it down Ok, so we’re done drilling the little hole
through our key And I’ve just run some zip ties in there Just to give you an idea I don’t know where I’m going to put this Let me set you up here on this table and we’ll
finish out this video Like I was saying, I’m not sure where I’m
going to put this But now instead of just throwing it in the
glovebox or the center console We can hang this under the hood We can tie it up under the truck It can go somewhere where a thief is less
likely to find it So I’m going to look around the truck and
find out exactly where I want to put this You know, all we’re really doing here We’re not trying to prevent theft That’s pretty hard to do especially if you
live in a Major metropolitan area like I do The best we can do here is mitigate the loss And that’s all I’m doing here The best solution is… at least in my opinion I’m sure somebody can poke holes in everything
I’ve done here And all my theories First one is, don’t own anything that is
worth stealing Go buy a work truck with the 17” steel wheels
and nothing fancy Nobody wants that stuff No thief wants that stuff It doesn’t really have value in resale So that’s number one Number two If you’re going to own something fancy,
insure it And, number three Do something like this, get wheel locks Stamp your wheels so that if they are found
they can be identified as yours And you will get, at least get your property
back Get something back That’s all I can tell you One thing that I think we need to understand
about theft and thievery is That most thieves are opportunists Meaning that if they can’t get it quick
and easy They’re going to move on to something else So, that’s one thing wheel locks are good
at They can drive by, they look They see it’s got a wheel lock And they go, never mind If they do think that they can break the wheel
lock Like I showed you earlier, that things got
that little twisty part on it They may sit there and try and hammer a socket Try to get them off They’re going to make a hell of a lot of
racket And I don’t think it’s going to work Maybe it could, maybe it wouldn’t…. I
don’t know So, that’s kind of the whole theory behind
this I may get a car alarm, we’ll see All this has it the factory… the factory
alarm Which, when these wheels got stolen it was
on The truck was locked But as the Cop told me There’s no sensors in the truck that detect
any movement If the truck is being lifted or jostled in
any way And he recommended getting an alarm system
that has that feature So, we will see about that And if I go that route, I’ll certainly film
the installation So if a thief comes and looks at these wheels
and they want to steal them Yeah, they can bust my window out and dig
through the truck And they can do a lot of damage inside the
truck But again, mitigating the loss They won’t find the key And I won’t lose my wheels There’s still going to be damage It’s kind of just they way it is So that it guys, I’m going to crawl around
on the truck Under the hood See where I want to put this key I’m also going to contact Gorilla and have
them send me out a second key Maybe even a third key I think they’re 10 or 15 dollars And they can throw it one flat-rate box and
ship to me for another 2, 3, 4 bucks But I appreciate you guys watching I hope you like the video If you do, give me a thumbs up, subscribe And we’ll see you on the next one.

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