Wheels on the Fire Truck & More Sing Along Songs for Kids by Little Treehouse
Wheels on the Fire Truck & More Sing Along Songs for Kids by Little Treehouse

Wheels on the Fire Truck

55 thoughts on “Wheels on the Fire Truck & More Sing Along Songs for Kids by Little Treehouse”

  1. Vn Kids Channel says:

    Firstly💜 💙💚

  2. Cartoon AC - Tyrant dinosaurs says:

    Beautiful graphic videos

    Good music

    children love it

  3. WOW says:

    Love channel

  4. Toys world says:


  5. Prenses Melek Eda says:

    Nice video 👈 😊 💙 💚 💜
    Good music 👍

  6. Kidstv says:

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  7. Nursery Folks says:

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  9. HappyKidsWorld says:

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  10. Little Angels says:

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  11. SuperBaby says:

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  12. Coci Coci says:

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  13. Little Treehouse Nursery Rhymes and Kids Songs says:

    Hi Kids! Watch "Wheels on the Fire Truck" More Sing Along Songs for Kids by #LittleTreehouse and comment us below how much you all enjoyed while watching this video.

  14. Carson Abbe says:

    Very INSPIRING well done….

  15. Anthony Edward says:

    Your channel share enjoyable rhymes that help my kids have fun and educate too

  16. Britney Christine says:

    My toddler watches your video before going to sleep…. N he sleeps like ? just love you

  17. Simran Khan says:

    Amazing ;my kids just love your channel

  18. Prinkle Dsouza says:

    Wonderful world of rhymes…..

  19. BabyBus - Children's songs says:

    The video is great and I love you

  20. Shlurv Rynjahpni hj says:


  21. Piggy Story says:

    amazing video for kids! Good job, my dear friend!

  22. Leandro Xavier says:


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  24. Siti Daka says:

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  37. LEGO LIFE & LEGO TOY says:

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  39. Ольга Коляновна says:

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  48. GAMING with Zayana says:

    9:05 who the hell has jam and cheese ???? Like wth. That's messed up!!

  49. Fun GamePlay says:

    good video , Have fun and Bestwishes for all of you !

  50. sercan güneş says:


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