When, Why & How to Use a Walking Cane or Quad Cane – Ask Doctor Jo
When, Why & How to Use a Walking Cane or Quad Cane – Ask Doctor Jo

Uh, oh, aahhh! (Crashing noise) Hey everybody,
it’s Doctor Jo. I got an email from Emma, who is the Co-founder and CEO of foreveryoungcane.com
She asked me to do a video on how, when, and why should you use a cane? She so graciously
donated some canes. This is the Everyday in black. This is the Fashion cane in purple.
One of the biggest things that I hear from my patients why they don’t want to use a cane
is it will make them look old. Well on their website at foreveryoungcane.com, they have
a whole bunch of different kind of canes with different colors, different kind of bling
which is awesome. So the first cane here is basically a standard cane. Straight down here
with a little hook and a handle. This cane is going to be a kind of cane where you just
need it for a little bit of balance. Just to help you with your support, so you’re not
stumbling and falling. But if you need something to really take the weight off your foot, your
going to need something with a little more support like this. This is a smaller version
of a quad cane. Quad canes are actually a little bit bigger than this. They kind of
have metal prongs going down. This is kind of what is becoming the more standard because
it’s not as big and bulky and in your way. But still, if you walk away, it will stay
standing up, and it gives you a little bit more support if you’re a little more off balance
than just stumbling every once in awhile. So when should you use a cane? Well the scenario
I used in the beginning, helps give you an idea. One of the biggest things I see with
my patients when they are not using a cane, is what I call a furniture walker. So at home,
they actually do okay because they are in a comfortable environment with their furniture
that’s around, and they know that they can kind of hold onto the couch when they’re walking,
they’re counter top is right here when they are walking. So they feel safe because they
know where everything is, but what happens is when they get out into the community, they’re
not familiar with their environment, and they have nothing to hold onto. The other scenario
that you saw in the first section of the video is a dog or pet on the ground. So that happens
a lot, if you don’t have a lot of balance, you’re walking through your house, and your
dog might not even be moving, they might just be lying there. Then you kind of stumble and
you can’t catch yourself. So these are reasons why you might need a cane or quad cane to
give you some extra balance. If you feel like also, your foot’s dragging a little bit. Sometimes
people might not have a lot of strength in their foot, and if you feel like your toes
are dragging a little bit, what’s going to happen is your are going to catch them on
something and fall. If you’re walking, and you feel like you’re changing the way you
walk, your limping. You’re gonna need a cane because the more you do this, even let’s say
I can walk without a cane, you’re using your muscles in a different way and they are going
to become unbalanced muscles, and it will make something else start hurting. If i’m
doing this, then I’m working one side more than the other, and that sides going to start
hurting because it’s taking on more of a roll than it should. So once you decide to get
your very fashionable cane, what you want to do is make sure the height of the cane
is just at your hip bone here. You want a slight bend in your elbow, but you don’t want
a big bend in your elbow, and you don’t want no bend in your elbow. So nice comfortable
ben in your elbow. I’m going to start off with just the standard cane. You want to put
the cane on the opposite side of your weak side. So if my right side is weak, I’m putting
the cane in my left hand. The cane is going to always follow that weak side. So if it
goes forward, the cane goes forward. If it’s behind, the cane is behind. And then you’re
just going into a smooth motion, stepping through, stepping through. Sometimes if you
think about it too much, you’re going to see people kind of going like this, and stepping
through. Our natural gait pattern, our arms swing oppositely. So just let it go with the
flow. So you’re stepping through, stepping through. Stepping through, stepping through.
Now if you need a little more support where you are getting a pronged cane or quad cane,
it’s still the same kind of concept, but you might end up needing to do a step-to pattern.
If you need a little bit more support. What I mean when I say step-to pattern, is you’re
bringing the cane and the bad foot forward, but you’re just stepping-to where they are.
You’re not stepping through making a full step, you’re just kind of stepping-to. Sometimes,
people that might have suffered from a stroke where they need that extra support on that
weak side, might do better with the step-to pattern. But just because you’re using a quad
cane doesn’t mean you can’t use that step through pattern, which you can. So basically
what I tell my patients, if you don’t feel like you are walking normally, if anything
is changing or you feel off balance, you really need to be using a cane. If you’re not using
a cane and you end up falling and breaking something, you are going to have to use more
than a cane. So I definitely recommend using a cane if you’re off balance or if you’re
weak or if there are lots of things in your home you might stumble and fall over. So if
you have any questions, leave them in the comments section, if you would like to check
out some other videos, go to askdoctorjo.com And remember be safe, have fun, and I hope
you feel better soon!

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    fantastic well done
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    very few people that use a cane use it properly (thx Dr. House)

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    Hi, Jo! Is it possible to treat degenerative disc disease with physical therapy?

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    I have CP and I used quad canes when I was younger. (they were bigger though) I had to use two and I used the two step method.

  6. Azah M.S says:

    At the moment I am on quad cane for my MS. I should say it is a bit of a help. Unfortunately I can't tell which one is my weak side so I hold it in my dominate hand. Is this correct?

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    Hi dr. . i had a car accident 5 years ago.after all the big problems i had,one is left,balance in walking. i started walking with a walker. then now quad cane after having physiotherapy for 2 years. but as u say in ur video,i am familiar to the furniture at home, but when i go out i feel so much scared to fall. so i usually walk without a cane outside home, but to have some balance, i open my legs when walking, and the way i walk had changed (i walk like a robot 😛 )
    i am traveling after 1 month. i will be alone in the airport for hours, i will have my quad cane with me.my weak side is my left side.so as you say, i have to hold my cane on my right side.right?
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    Doctor Jo I have MS and am starting to have trouble with balance. My right leg is weaker, so I'm meant to have the stick on my left, but I fall and stumble to the right. Should I still have the stick on the left?

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    hi, i use a cane because i have pain on my whole rigth leg and withou cane a limp alot,the doctor  cant find why,  do you think a could qualify for a handicap plate for parking,

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    I used a cane for standing, lower back issues. Then I discovered using it to walk took the pressure off my arthritic toe. I use it on the same side as the toe because it's the bent toe push I need the help with. I've tried the opposite side and it's not as much help. GP was OK with it, haven't talked much arthritis or PT with Rheumy yet.

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    Hi! I am a 62 yr old female and presently using a walker because I broke my right hip (3 screws) and am non weight bearing for 9 weeks now. I am in the really painful freezing stage of frozen shoulder on my left side and can't bear the pain of bearing my weight on my arm and shoulder and actually my whole left side when using the wslker. It's getting worse every day. I will find out from the surgeon on 7/11 how many more weeks I will be non weight bearing and needing the walker. If it is this difficult for me to use the walker because of the shoulder, how will it be when I have to transfer to a cane? Or, will it be less painful with a cane? Thank you for taking the time to read this.

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    Also, more importantly, would you please give me any advice on how to help alleviate the pain I'm experiencing from using the walker? Not only am I in pain but I am fatigued like never before. This is in addition to my comment below. Thank you!

  23. Maeve Steinert says:

    Hi Dr. Jo, Thank you for your quick response. I am seeing a PT now.  I just got clearance on Monday from my surgeon to start bearing weight.  So when I went  to the PT on Wednesday they  started working on it. They said there is also some kind of bar that can be attached to my walker and extends upward so I can hold on to the bar instead if pushing my full weight into the side hand grasps. Thank you for your encouragement.  I am really hoping to feel better soon.

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    Thanks for the video! I'm finally getting to address my hip dysplasia, and just finished some PT. I'm waiting to see an orthopedic surgeon and get imaging of the hip joints, as I still have pain especially with extended periods of walking and standing. I'm thinking of getting a cane for times I go out and know I'll be walking a lot, for the extra support when I start to hurt. I'm going to talk to the orthopedic surgeon about it, but do you think using a cane before I get sore would help me keep going longer? And with bilateral hip dysplasia, which side would I keep the cane on? I assume opposite of the worse hip/leg.

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    It’s a flask cane.

  94. Fred Eversole says:

    Used a single point cane after hip replacement. It worked but I was always having to figure when/how to park it. Two years ago, after a shattered femur and transitioning from wheelchair and walker, I used a quad cane with wider feet than the one in this video. They recommended that style when I was in in-Patient Rehab. It was so much easier to walk with. Granted, I was using it differently than I did with hip replacement, but it was still easier to use and I felt much safer. Plus, as I was getting closer to stop using it, I could let it go while standing at the sink and it ‘parked’ itself.

  95. Cecilia Cumpián says:

    Doc! I have a question for you!
    I been using a cane (not quad) since the last year to improve my balance… but, now, I'm started to realize that it's not working anymore… every day it's worst, and I fell unsafety using my comun cane… should I use a quad or jump to a walking frame?

  96. Ted Combs says:

    If you are still checking comments on this video, I recently ordered a cane for when I'm having a bad day with my arthritis and/or degenerative disc. Should I just use it all the time or is it ok to only use it on bad days?

  97. Emily Peters says:

    @askdoctorjo what if I don’t have a weak side but rather I have I spinal injury and need to transfer weight away from my hips and tailbone to walk safely. I do have a wheelchair but I am trying for a happy medium given the difficulty of getting the wheelchair out every where I go.

  98. Mary Lightfoot says:

    Thanks Dr. Jo. Very good video.

  99. Steelhorsecowboy says:

    I was in a motorcycle accident and I heavily rely on my cane to help my balance. I would have a hard time without it. I have learned so much from your videos. Thank you

  100. comment commenter says:

    I would rather walk and look old than look young and not walk. I've been using canes since grade school.

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