Whirlpool Dishwasher Repair – How to Replace the Axle Adjuster (Whirlpool # WP8268703)
Whirlpool Dishwasher Repair – How to Replace the Axle Adjuster (Whirlpool # WP8268703)

Hi, it’s Steve. Today, we’d like to show you how to change
the axle for the wheel on your upper rack on your dishwasher. It’s a really easy repair. Let me show you how we do it. Now, to do this repair, we will need to remove
the upper dish rack from the dishwasher. First of all, remove all the dishes that are
in that rack. Then, we’ll pull the two rails forward. Then, we’ll remove, the rack stops. Simply reach into the opening on the inside
edge of that rail, depress that tab, and lift straight up. Then, you can remove that rack stop. We just set that aside.We’ll then slide that
rack completely out of the dishwasher. You can just push those rails back out of
the way and close the door up. Then, we’ll sit this on a suitable work surface
where we can change up that part. Now, with the upper rack inverted on a suitable
work surface, we’ll next remove the retaining screw for the defective support axle. Using the 3/16 nut driver or socket, we’ll
remove that screw, and then left the wheel and the axle off, remove the defective axle.We’ll
slide the new one into place. Make sure that the end that has the raised
edges on it goes into the wheel first. Then, we’ll line up those tabs with the slotted
opening. That will hold that axle in place. We’ll start the retaining screw by hand. Then, tighten with the nut driver. Make sure the wheel turns freely. Now, we’re ready to put the rack back in the
dishwasher.Open that dishwasher door up again, and pull those two rails fully out. Then, we’ll line up the rear wheels with those
tracks. Make sure both rear wheels are engaged. Then line up the front ones. Then, push the rack back all the way. We’ll then take our rack stops, making sure
the top is in the right position, and that’s the section that has that bendable or little
locking clip on it. Tuck the bottom end in first. Align both of those arrows up, and press it
down into place. Make sure that locking tab engages. If it doesn’t, just take a small flat-blade
screwdriver and bend it outward enough so that it does catch. Do the same on the opposite side.We close the dishwasher up, and your repair is

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