Whirlpool Dishwasher Repair – How to Replace the Upper Spray Arm (Whirlpool # WP903079)
Whirlpool Dishwasher Repair – How to Replace the Upper Spray Arm (Whirlpool # WP903079)

Hi, it’s Steve. Today we’d like to show you how to change
the upper spray arm on your dishwasher. If your spray arm becomes cracked or if the
holes become plugged, you may need to replace it. It’s a really easy job, let me show you how
we do it. Now, to change the upper spray arm on this
dishwasher, we’ll need to remove the upper rack. To do so, we need to disengage these rack
stops at the end of the rails, then we’ll slide the rack completely out. If you noted, there’s a little serrated surface
on that rack stop. It has to give you a little bit of a grip. Just push it over with your thumb and that
will release the locking tab and you can slide it right out of the rail. Pull the rack completely out. Push those rails back in place. Now we need to release the old rack from the
top of the dishwasher tab. Just position that upper spray arm so that
you can see this large plastic nut that secures that housing to the ceiling of the tab. Let’s get a grip on that. You can unthread it, and then we can remove
that spray arm and the upper bearing. Now, to release that spray arm from this housing,
if you flip it over, you’ll note that there are four little legs that are a part of the
center bearing. You need to be able to push those through
that opening. Now you can take a small socket about 5/16,
11/32 something of that nature. Just put it over those legs and we’ll push
them inward. As you’re doing that, you can pull out on
that nut. We’ll release it. I’ll set that aside. You’ll need to do the same thing again to
get it out of the spray arm. There’s a fair bit of crud in this one that
we’ll need to do dig out of there first. Make sure nothing is going to impede pushing
that nozzle through. Again, we’ll take our socket and pull it from
the bottom side now. Get the socket over those legs to compress
them and pull it completely out of the old spray arm. Now, discard that spray arm. Clean up the bearing of any debris it maybe
on it. I’ll push that through from the shallow side
of the new spray arm. I’ll get that top nut and again we’ll press
that bearing into that. Make sure all four legs are engaged. Now we’ll reinstall the new spray arm on to
the ceiling of the dishwasher. Use caution when reinstalling that spray arm
that we don’t push this nozzle up through the ceiling. If you do that, you’ll then have to pull the
dishwasher out so that you can hold it in place to tighten that nut on. There’s a rubber gasket on the top that we
don’t want to disturb. First of all, make sure that there is no debris
in that opening. Then place the spray arm at the ceiling and
just carefully start that nut and then tighten it. Once we have it secured, we can then go ahead
and put the upper rack back in place. Now we’ll slide the upper rack back into place. Just pull the rails forward. Engage the rear wheels first. Slide it in, make sure all four wheels are
in those rails. Then take the rack stops. I’m going to slide those into the rails and
then snap it closed. We can now push the rack into position and
our repair is complete.

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