Why Are Roller Coasters So Awesome?
Why Are Roller Coasters So Awesome?

CRAIG BENZINE: So, here we
are, Six Flags Great America, doing some thrill-seeking. This ride is kind of scary,
but mostly due to my fear of fiberglass horses. Maybe we can find something
a little more thrilling. Can someone help me down? I’ve ridden roller
coasters all my life, and they’ve kind of lost
their thrill for me. But the fine folks at
Six Flags Great America have invited me to try out
their newest, largest, fastest, and steepest roller coasters
in a valiant attempt to rekindle my love for
these awesome thrill rides. But what is it about
roller coasters? Why do we like them so much? There are a couple
different reasons. CRAIG BENZINE (VOICEOVER):
This is David Zald, professor of psychology and psychiatry
at Vanderbilt University and expert on fear. But he’s not a
scary guy himself. He’s actually quite nice. One of them is actually the
perceptual experience itself, that sensation of going fast. There’s something very
exhilarating about it. Some of it’s the
mastery experience. I can do this. I can face this fear. And I can do this in a way
that I believe is nevertheless safe enough to accomplish this. When else do I get to go
falling at this sort of speed, hurtling towards the
Earth, going upside down through the air? That’s not something
I can typically do without getting really injured. But here’s a place I can do it. I can see other
people survive it. I can do it. I can then say, I did that. I can have that rush
of exhilaration, both from the
perceptual experience of things flying by
me really quickly and being able to come off that
and be like, yes, I did it. I mastered that. Bring on the next thing. CRAIG BENZINE
(VOICEOVER): The origins of the modern-day roller coaster
can be traced all the way back to 17th century Russia. Back then, large,
ice-covered ramps were constructed for
people to slide down with either wooden
sleds or blocks of ice. Some of these ice slides could
reach heights of 70 to 80 feet. Despite the inherent
danger, the Russian ice slides enjoyed a
widespread popularity. To this day, the term
for “roller coaster” in several different
languages actually translates to
“Russian mountains.” At some point, someone
hit upon the idea of getting rid of
the ice entirely and adding a track to the
ramp and wheels to the sled. Some sources say the renowned
Russian monarch Catherine the Great had the first roller
coaster constructed in St. Petersburg during her reign. However, others say the
first roller coaster was the Russian Mountains
of Belleville, constructed in Paris in 1817. Ever since then, roller
coaster designers have been creating larger,
faster, and more innovative roller coasters. And to this day,
roller coasters remain one of the most
popular attractions at the world’s amusement parks. CRAIG BENZINE: How many roller
coasters have you ridden? I’ve ridden 408. 408 different roller coasters? Different roller coasters
throughout this country. I have yet to go overseas. Goliath was my 400th. CRAIG BENZINE
(VOICEOVER): This is Jeff Peters, regional
representative for American Coaster Enthusiasts, a group
of more than 5000 members who share a lifelong
passion for roller coasters. If he can’t stoke the lifeless
cockles of my roller coaster heart, no one can. So what’s so darn special
about the Goliath? The Goliath broke three world
records when it was built. It is the tallest, steepest,
fastest wooden coaster in the country and in
the world, I guess. CRAIG BENZINE
(VOICEOVER): It has a 180 foot, 85 degree
drop with a top speed of 72 miles an hour. I’ve rode roller coasters,
like, my whole life. I’m a little jaded. Is this going to impress me? Yes. It is definitely– it’s
not your old standard ride. If you look at the
older wooden coasters, they had a different style,
the way they were braced and the way that
they were built. This is kind of
the cutting edge. This is the new way
of building things. And it’s very impressive. So let’s ride the
roller coaster. OK, cool. That sounds good. ANNOUNCER: Prepare for Goliath. First, store all loose items. Shoes must be worn on the ride. Take your seat, and fasten the
belt tightly around your waist. SPEAKER 1: You ready, Craig? I’m ready. SPEAKER 1: Excited? Yes. This is going to be awesome. ANNOUNCER: Get ready
to battle Goliath. First drop looks very intense. I’m glad I didn’t have
any breakfast today. The anticipation– OK. Here we go. JEFF PETERS: We’re going
to be going straight down. [SCREAMS] DR. DAVID ZALD: So
there does seem to be– and it’s sort of
ironic, because you would think most people
would want to avoid things that cause fear. One of the reasons that
people seek this out is that it takes us out of our
normal, day to day existence. People feel totally
there in the moment. You’re not thinking
about other things. When you’re going down
that roller coaster or even up that roller
coaster, you’re not sitting there thinking, oh, I
need to do laundry tomorrow. But that’s actually
a really strong draw, that sense of being totally
in the moment, in the flow. There’s nothing else
you’re attending to. And if it takes being afraid to
get to that sort of situation, then that’s enough. JEFF PETERS: I guess it’s
like the adrenaline rush. It’s the feeling that you’re
kind of like on the edge, but you’re always
going to come back. You look at some of the
rides and think, OK, well, I don’t know if I’m really
going to be OK on this. But you’re always
going to come back. It’s just that kind of
the fine line there, just riding the edge. That’s a good way to
wake up in the morning. Yeah, I want to
go on that again. Who needs coffee? Exactly. So do you like roller coasters? What’s your favorite
thrill ride? Let us know in the comments. What’s your favorite
thrill ride, Matt? I like the swing set,
the kind that’s open, open-ended swing set. Not the kind that belts you in. Not so thrilling. Last week, we asked you
if you liked being afraid or if you’re a thrill seeker. And you said things at us. And we’re going to respond
to them, the things you said. Samramdebest and
a number of you pointed out that you
don’t like horror movies. And, you know, I don’t really
like horror movies either, not because I’m afraid–
just because they’re usually pretty stupid. But some of you don’t watch
them because you’re afraid, and that’s one of the
interesting aspects of fear. Some fears are universal–
fear of heights to some degree, fear of loud noises. But there are a lot of fears
that are learned over time and different for
each individual. For example, I really
like roller coasters, but it turns out
some people don’t. And we’re going to be actually
talking a little bit about that in the next video. So stick around and
watch it and stuff. Nic [INAUDIBLE] said that
being afraid of flying isn’t the same feeling as
being afraid of a scary movie, and there should really be
separate words for these fears. This is a good point,
although I think we actually do have different
words for these fears. Fear of flying is
more like a phobia, while being afraid of a scary
movie is more of a thrill. Both experiences
generate similar amygdala and physical responses. That’s why they fall into
the category of fear. However, with phobias,
the end result is usually a
negative experience, while thrills can be fun. I think the difference
with thrills is that there’s an added
level of safety or control. So if you’re watching a scary
movie, part of your brain knows it’s just a movie. And if you’re a rock
climber, confidence in your knowledge
and your skills makes you feel like you’re
in control of the situation. In the case of a phobia
like a fear of flying, you don’t have that sense
of control or safety. So you’re just left with the
unpleasant elements of fear. Not CJ commented that he’s
a big fan of free climbing. And the height and the
precariousness of the situation is thrilling and it
makes him feel alive. Though he also pointed out that
he finds it odd that some of us live in a world where we
seek out dangerous situations in order to feel alive. This is an interesting
point, and I would wager that people who
have constant actual danger in their lives might not want
to seek out extra danger. Being able to enjoy activities
like horror films or rock climbing or a friendly
game of tractor chicken, like in “Footloose,”
are a privilege that not everyone can get. Finley Atkinson
and [INAUDIBLE] 22 noticed that there are two
“Where the Wild Things Are” books in David Zald’s office. We asked him what
was going on there. Yes, there’s actually
two different books. It turns out he collects them
in many different languages. He currently owns copies
in English, Hebrew, Welsh, Italian, French,
Spanish, and Korean. I guess he really likes
“Donde Viven Los Monstruos.” Chris O’Donnell, acclaimed
actor and transformer, writes, “If you ever
want to learn science from two adorable garden
gnomes on YouTube, The Good Stuff is for you. Aw, shucks, Chris. Thank you. We’ve been cultivating
this look for a while now. I think we’re doing a good job. Mmm-hmm. Next week, we’re
going to help Sam overcome his fear of heights. And we’re also–
maybe we’ll try to get him to look
like a gnome too. I think that is the cure,
right– the solution? Yeah. Gnomes are fearless,
bold, beautiful. Small. Gnomes.

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