Why Not to Put Wheel Spacers on Your Car

rev up your engines, today I’m gonna talk
about why not to use wheel spacers on your car, now lately quite a few people
have been asking me, Scotty is it alright if I’m gonna get bigger wheels
to put wheel spacers in my car and some guys say, hey I’m gonna get a wider
traction so I want to put wheel spacers so my tires are out further, well it’s
not a good idea and here’s why using spaces is basically just a rig, you
get the spacers they go over the hub and bolts on over that, it’s just a cheap way
to get bigger rims to fit on a car or to make your wheels go out further, these
are really cheap ones here they make ones that actually have in
sets, where they bolt to your hub and then they have new studs sticking out
that the wheel goes on, but they all do the same thing, they push the wheel out
further, it’s basically a cheap way of modifying the suspension system on your
car, guys do it because maybe they got a wheel that doesn’t fit right,
so they’ll put spacers to make it fit or they want to have their tires out
further, so that it handles differently or has more acceleration with bigger
tires, but it’s just kind of a cheap way of ringing things and it’s not a smart
idea, in that sense it’s just like the video I made a while back about why not
to change the muffler on your car to one that makes more noise, the engineers
have designed these things, they spent decades perfecting suspension systems,
they created them so the tire rides perfectly and will wear evenly but still
can corner are really well and accelerate in corners without skipping,
and guess what, when your tire is bolted onto the stock hub, all that geometry is
correct, from the angles of the top to the bottom, to where the tread contacts
the road, this was all carefully designed so if you get a spacer and stick it on
here, it’s gonna make the wheel sit out further and the theory is, a wider track
you’re gonna get better grip, but really from what I’ve read from the engineers,
the most you’re going to get better doing that is one two maybe two,
which isn’t much and since doing this moves the tire out further, that changes
the entire geometry of the suspension system, which often leads to more tire
wear, it can make your steering effort harder, it can make your steering
somewhat unresponsive under harsh braking because of the change in this
geometry, and lets face it, if you modified your car to go faster, the last thing you
want is unresponsive steering when you’re braking hard, and because it’s
changed the way that the tire sits, it also can wear your wheel bearings out
faster, they’re loaded differently and they weren’t designed for that load they
were designed for a load that was closer to the center of the wheel bearing, so
the wheel bearings can wear out faster now you have to use your head when it
comes to trying to modify your car, come on, these engineers have been designing
these things and they started with basic wagon technology in the stagecoach days
and got into the sophisticated cars that can break handle and be a nice ride, you
start modifying it by sticking your wheels out further, hey it’s just a dumb
idea really, now big wide tires are fantastic for drag strips, because you want
the most contact you can, to get all that power to the ground, so that it takes off
and doesn’t just sit there spinning skinnier wheels, but hey we don’t drive
quarter mile races, we drive all over the place in our cars and you’re
gonna ruin all other aspects of it just to get one thing of, going in a straight
line a quarter of a mile faster, now I do admit that spaces are better made than they used
to be, these are the cheap ones, the actual expensive ones look like this,
they are quality made, they bolt on and then they got their own studs and nuts
to hold your wheel in, it’s not like they’re gonna fall off if you put them
on correctly, because again decades ago when I was a young mechanic, some of these
kids I actually saw the wheels fly off because they were just using cheap ones
and not bolting them on right or they were so thick that there wasn’t enough for
the nut to go onto the stud so it wasn’t holding it much and they
would just fly off when they took off fast, that’s not a problem with modern
vehicles with these well-made hub centric
really quality products, but still it’s ruining the original design of the
vehicle, and sure guys are always gonna do those kind of mods on jeeps and stuff
especially ones that they take off-road I mean if you’ve ever been in a Jeep,
they ride like crap anyway if you’re gonna put these giant wheels and you’re going
rock crawling, it’s a specialist vehicle that you’re having fun with, it’s not
something that you drive every day on the road, because if you do all the
fillings in your teeth are gonna fall out, so now you know the truth about
wheel spacers and why you should really stay away from them, unless you’re going
to the drag strip or rock crawling, so if you never want to miss another one of my
new car repair videos, remember to ring that Bell!

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