Why TSM Chose to Start Spica the Week Before Playoffs – TSM: LEGENDS – S5E21
Why TSM Chose to Start Spica the Week Before Playoffs – TSM: LEGENDS – S5E21

So I first met Spica at scouting grounds in 2017 that was scouting grounds where it was Spica blabber ablaze all of a lot of the kind of players to be kind of seen now I was really impressed with the guy in terms of How good he was mechanically and how kind of immature he was and his approach to the game. And so Obviously he was still attending high school at the time so it was it makes sense for us to pursue him then but he’s someone that I’ve always kind of kept an eye on and So when he was available At the end of spring we were really really interested in picking him up And so I’m pretty excited to see what he does on LCS and his first playoffs My name is Ming Liu I go by the name speaka Well me Playing up a LCS was kind of a surprise It was late. I I still remember the night. I was late night. I got a message from par to say Hey, can we talk and then I didn’t know what part was gonna tell me because I was really nervous Like I was like am I in trouble or something got do something wrong and then two hours later car throws like come outside We’ll talk and that’s when he told me we might want you to play LCS chrome tomorrow and I was like, yeah sure. I’m down for When we went into this year we wanted to reframe how we wanted to run our organization For us Academy in the summer was really more about development rather than performance It was less relevant that we finished first seed or we did a well in playoffs and we were we wanted to focus more on Helping cave experience to as many young people as possible. Just why be brought in Johnson we brought in sword and That’s again. The reason why we decided to bench brandini his influence in the team wasn’t very positive and he was actually someone that a lot of our younger players looked up to and we are willing to kind of take the hit in terms of performance as long as practice and sort of the overall goals of academy to remain more development focused Overall, I’m really proud of Greg for kind of stepping up for that role leading into quarterfinals for Academy He only had a few days of practice, but you perform really well moving on to more serious matters Unfortunately, I think we ran into a lot of issues during the split in terms of Not even synergy with our junglers, but within each other Philosophically how we wanted to play the game? a lot of things that I expected to pop up in spring actually came about in the summer and so in the middle of split we decided okay, maybe it would help if we just Choose a jungler and then we kind of finish out the split there. So at least we would consolidate that part Unfortunately, as you guys have seen throughout the last few weeks we continue to have issues in terms of synergy playing the early game Despite us trying to figure out a jungler between Craig and Akkadian Going to be eight. It felt like we had no synergy with either of them and Speaker was training up pretty well in Academy So it made way more sense for our organization to try him out than continuing a process. That just wasn’t working. I think After watching him screaming for a few days all their staff unanimously agreed that we saw a lot of potential in him and it kind of changed our environment a lot in terms of working with Kind of a younger newer player who had a very different skillset and interact with us in a different way. I’m really happy that our Academy system had like gave him the progression to sort of improved throughout the split and I think he is ready for the LCS stage, obviously it’s not the most optimal decision for an order to bring in a new player week 9 getting into playoffs, but we think that Sort of the combination of Peters and Spica working together with the LCS team It’s gonna give us the best chance moving into playoffs and even Worlds Despite that we’re using the different persons for like early games specifically, I think that What we can focus on just the five or the four of us Is just making sure that whatever goals we have in mid game that we’re still just trying to hit those So for example like our mid game planning So trying to help speak along with like where he’s supposed to be is gonna be important I mean, it’s something that we said that we should start figuring out as a team anyway, so Let’s just make sure that you guys tried to carry him in that way. You guys are calling What our set up is going to be and from where he needs to play through so that we can move around the map The system were running from Academy analysis, it’s pretty similar I was at this point, so For us because meaning about we’re looking for Hollywood how you were some address your passing and Today Yeah See some legend some so let’s go Useless no one needs mad. That’s why we have an analyst So don’t the analysts need map, yeah No one needs Matt except for analysts on the entirely What about calculating spell damage on assassins just do it my feel bro, you just come feel the damage I no one will end up. No one want to rhyme it with everyone No one would actually be in everyone coping really if it was that 40 minute day, yeah. No I reacted nature must fight about Across from the man it’s gonna take your job Yeah As I take quality content great mom. He’s just choke hold up. So he choked everybody really Team damn team down He doesn’t like the camera he’s testing out Right where steal the dog? I can’t go his belly’s so big that’s what I Just saw animals Oh, good job good job Whoa you are Whoa, just threw that Believer back in here. Yeah And loses the Point I want to do solo Actually the calm before the fuckin storm Okay, yes This is last week before our house, I really don’t give a shit how we have done up until now, but I think Everyone feels it. I feel that at least I think this is our moment to finally be good again and Yeah have no words yeah, I just feel it and I want you guys to feel it okay Children Bob dude GZA Speaker is the third jungle. The TSN has had their starting lineup And they spent most of this split just looking for the right person for the jungle We win this first, okay. Yeah anybody know yeah Joe he’s moving read across show him. Okay? Yeah stimate so he’s moving. Oh Okay comics are you losing go on here we can if we break it’s really good It’s really good I’m gonna do cross Henry said okay top side boy. Sorry, I mean coming coming I eat use that four times one of the pitar place When it’s me Oh, sorry Flash oh I think I’m anything hello game. Yeah, it’s fine They used these all day get tools. They used Nautilus and 20. We need to go same side Coming around. Yeah, so I saw wash running a Start yeah Okay, look if we do get no results. Yeah, walk up here. Be speak up but a little bit look with me, okay? Okay, I have to talking here. I’m Cindy. I’m gonna go check it. I’m gonna go check. Okay. I’m on your boots me We can admit with your CP yeah. Look I’m Michaela SCA’s editor and look we’re sorry when she gnomes Let me go let me go Sonny. Oh, yeah, they just play slow Lexisnexis. Yeah, let’s hope it’s on have to play back. I got you. I got you. Okay Everybody’s low guys Novoflex on a place on comeback comeback guys come back come back. I Have to place off but Baron either way burning the way. Yeah, we got real. Hey so good. She’s got against other feminists focus Yeah. Yeah. I mean I can’t do anything. Okay. Yeah. Yeah all good It focused on girl. I’m just gonna flag I’m sitting here here Yeah, I’m gonna hit targets it. Okay. We’ve been Desmond aside, you know them killing for fun. Yeah. Hello for fun. Katie a oh wait Walter’s gonna kill everyone Phillip Oh Nexus Let’s go. Oh, okay Speak up first five minutes of a game you steal their blooper to end the game you steal Baron. Are you kidding me? Tell me about this game your first game and Fog TSM I was a little bit nervous coming to the game since we only have two and a half days to practice I think it was a lot easier since Peter was there helping me. He was my Academy coach and now he’s a healthy LCS So this transition transition was a lot easier than I expected What’s it like working with him as a coach since you know better than probably the main team right now Um Peter is a great coach. He taught me a lot about how to jungle and I think He’s the one that allowed me to Play as good as I can today, and let’s talk about Academy because before coming in here You’ve swept Team Liquid Academy three Oh in quarterfinals of the Academy championship series tell me about that Tell me about your success in Academy and how it translate to LCS I think one big factor for the quarterfinals was the fact I had AI playing in the LCS scrims and learned a lot more playing With these great players like Pierre since then they taught me a lot about the game and that’s how I was able to arm swept teal And tomorrow you actually have Team Liquid the main roster as your opponent So are you gonna sweep him like you did TLA or are you ready for that game? I hope it’s gonna be a 4-0 There I like the confidence pika, thank you and congratulations again back to the State Farm analyst desk I know what you guys look like kill husband Oh, yeah, I think we could all split team husband like star with Israel and Sudan. Yeah didn’t have a couple of times yeah, I think but Yeah Sometimes are thinking every fight their tanks are running it down And if you just kill them you’re gonna pop your has it been one second model assisted wanting or flashing everything Yeah, you try to go on as well. Yeah, and I’m just hitting them I think if you kill them, we wouldn’t every fight like – 0 or something like that I Think I lastly I see the same scenes. It’s gonna be the final test before we go to the payout What do we are right now? How we can play the game and is thinking about a mirror? it can be a great challenge of for us tomorrow against yeah, and Just some mystical we made and definitely speak. I was talking about this what every individual mistake or the making we can place three days But although I think it’s a fun game for us to look at a community last week We’re gonna go back to the box review later and do the draft meetings Hope the power was do you think so? It’s about tomorrow Okay, if we can finish the last week was to 0 meeting tal and the end of the day It would be very viewed motovun and a lot of energy for us going in the playoffs Okay, we’re still on the right track. And this what we’re doing the past two weeks is worse and I can see the improvement worth Yeah, not worse Oh, where are you gonna be the fence meeting the fans? That’s the biggest fan I’m sure I love the person said such a horrible joke Colbert in your personal I got a bless you break increase my smiting ability actually Yeah, you left it I was like what I mean he knew ya can’t even he guess he hasn’t it just seems impossible Like it means less now so or yeah at least one so we’re good Yes Oh, it’s a glacial cop actually mr. Cozzi What’s the wish will come and all right guys, let’s fuck again Are we gonna be okay at our ramp up against this? Not sure we’re fighting were fighting With we’ll walk there top laner bear come outside Man and smoothie once again gonna be in some trouble bumping away the CC spider-man style It’s still gonna be brought down Xfinity tanking up the turret stuff Double kill a bit of TSM 80 carry a core JJ will buy just a little bit more time with the stop Got the kill he should end up paying for this one Jensen needs a little bit more time. He Barely fall. Oh my goodness. I love that. He didn’t run away though went for the Watch lead if he wants to be all they’re coming from Traverse. We can see it coming babies in it like all the burgers I’m boasting as well – well – 105 Oliveira I’m not volibear About a Mango bear so this is Novas fighting we gotta here look here. Look here. Look. Yeah. Yeah look at us. No – it’s not sunny. Ash. Yeah hazards eyebrow volt Oh suck it up. See I’m dead Fucking I’m really useless. Yeah Beth take them down. No problem. They’re still five seconds left before anybody from TSM is alive and Team Liquid and what a most entertaining games of the split will take down TSM So, what do you guys think of it they obviously didn’t go for our arms and try our pics on it. Yeah Yeah Yeah, I mean I don’t play a tiff tee but I know they pick some glacial team comp or something like that So when I when we realized that they did it. I was just like fuck it. Let’s displays that because I Don’t think there’s much more to enough fully charting and giving you away a lot of information outside of anything We pick to sejuani severe Nautilus which is just really standard champions to play. So BIPV I kind of got the free range to pick What we wanted even though we’re obviously still playing to win, but perhaps not trying our hardest in the draft then I Don’t think I played particularly well, but I’m glad that I got to place it and we got to play at this game I think the game was here for a while, but they just kind of ran over us after 18 minutes or something like that it they just stalled really fast all of a sudden and we could really find a lot of good place to make and Volibear kind of just became a really big beast the host particle and they didn’t have a lot of Champions that I could assassinate because it’s so many big fat tanks So after not getting much out of our champs in the early game like said in Silas We just weren’t able to team fight against them and kind of just roll over I know a lot of people were speculating whether Speak I was just in there for week nine But I am pretty happy to and excited to announce that he will be playing For us in the summer playoffs as an organization. We take all of our roster decisions very seriously, and we genuinely believe that Despite the awkward timing. This is the best roster possible for us to succeed a playoffs The reason we didn’t choose Acadian or grig as one of our subs going into playoffs is because we’re founded in the direction that our team is moving with Spica And we don’t see a situation where they would need to be subbed in during playoffs. I Think going to playoffs. We definitely have a lot of work to do Since I just came in at week 9 we obviously have a lot of things to just build up and building synergies and such I don’t think it will be easy, but we’re working very hard to improve the whole team play and I think with every day or with every practice every scrum day will get better and then We’ll be ready

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