Works Connection Elite Axle Block Kit for KTM & Husqvarna Dirt Bikes
Works Connection Elite Axle Block Kit for KTM & Husqvarna Dirt Bikes

– Hey everyone I’m Chase
at Rocky Mountain ATV/MC. Giving you a closer look
at the Elite Axle Block Kit for KTM and Husqvarna
from Works Connection. All right so for all you KTM
and Husqvarna owners out there we got a cool product coming
in from Works Connection. This is the Elite Axle Block Kit. And what this does it converts your axle from a fixed design
into a floating design. And the purpose for that is
they say that it’s going to help increase your traction
as well as your handling. And this is a setup that
factory KTM Husqvarna teams use as well as a lot of other top riders. Now just to give you a
little bit better idea of what I mean by saying from
a fixed to a floating design. Is I’ve actually got a stock or a OEM axle right here for a KTM. So you notice that the
drive-side axle block is threaded onto the axle. That’s why they call it a fixed design ’cause this does not come off. So by going to a floating design which is what you’re going to
see on your Japanese bikes. Well that way your axle
blocks will already be inside the swing arm and then
you push the axle through. Now the benefits and the reason that they say that’s a better design and why those factory teams like to use it is because going to that floating design they say doesn’t allow
your axle to vibrate or move as much once
you have it installed. And that’s where you’re
going to get that performance or excuse me, that increase in performance when it comes to traction
as well as your handling. So it’s a simple idea that’s
just going to help increase the performance on your bike. Now as far as how these are constructed. Your axle blocks are going to be made from CNC 6061 Billet aluminum. So super high quality, super lightweight. Available in a few different color-ways. And then your drive-side receiver. So this is actually going to thread onto your axle when you install. I’ll talk about that here in just a moment it’s not very difficult. This is actually made from titanium. And then this piece right
here that you see to my right is actually a tool that’s
going to come included to help you get your stock axle block off. So when it comes to install like I said it’s not going to be very difficult. No real specialty tools are required. A vice and a blow torch
will be a couple tools that will really help you out. But in any sense all you’re going to do is you’re just going to
remove the stock axle block on your axle that you have now. The reason that I say a torch is nice because this will have Locktite on it. So if you heat that up for a few seconds that’ll just help loosen that up get it off a little bit easier. But once you have your
stock axle block off you’re just going to thread on the drive-side receiver
that comes included. Again made from titanium. Make sure you use Locktite on that as well when you’re putting it on. But once you put it on you’re
pretty much good to go. Then you’re just going to install your axle blocks and your swing arm. And then slide your axle through. Again it’s the exact same setup that you’re going to
see on Japanese bikes. So very simple to do. Now another cool feature
that I like about these. Is that you do have these receiver posts that you can see right
here on the outside. So these are actually
going to be for calipers. So when it comes to your chain alignment it’s very crucial that your
chain and your sprocket everything’s lined up correctly. So they have these caliper
receiver posts here on the outside so that way
it just allows you to make it a little bit easier
to measure the distance from the end of your swing
arm to the actual chain blocks to make sure you’re getting
that exact measurement. And there they are, those
are the Elite Axle Block Kits coming from Works Connection. If you have any questions about these leave your questions, your
thoughts, your comments below. If you already have a set of
these installed on your bike well leave your comments below. What do you like about it? Did you feel that increase in performance? Is it something you really noticed? That’s going to help other riders out that are looking to
pick up a set of these. To pick yours up it is real simple. Just click on the link
at the end of this video. Remember orders over 75 bucks ship free. If you guys liked this product spotlight well get subscribed to
our YouTube channel. That way you stay
up-to-date and in the loop on the latest gear guides, product reviews and how-to videos that
we’re constantly filming. I am Chase, we’ll see you on the trails.

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    Bling. Who's gonna notice such a minor changw

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    pure horse shit

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    It would be great if you mentioned the part being highliteds prices.

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    I believe I understand the physics behind what they're claiming here, but I really don't think anyone will actually notice the difference. You guys could do a double blind study, but I know that wouldn't make sense for sales.

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    Cool, but I’ll pass as I would never notice the difference

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    Can you do a video on how to fit this including removal of old one and heating it etc? Please

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