WPW10547292 – Replacing an Idler Pulley  – W10547292, 2683183, PS6883872, AP5669601
WPW10547292 – Replacing an Idler Pulley – W10547292, 2683183, PS6883872, AP5669601

Hi I’m Cherylin and today we are going to be replacing the idler pulley in a Maytag gas dryer. You may need to replace your idler pulley if your dryer is making weird sounds or not tumbling properly. This repair should only take about 20 to 25 minutes. For this repair we are only going to need four tools; stiff putty knife, 5/16th nut driver, flat head screw driver and a 3/8th nut driver. If you don’t already have a new idler pulley they are available for purchase on our website. Before repairing your gas dryer make sure to turn the gas off and unplug it. To start this repair we are going to need to flip the top back. So make sure you have a wall to lean it against or something to support it from the back. We’ll start by depressing the two clips that are at the front of our dryer with our stiff putty knife. Next we can disconnect the door switch. Take your flat head screw driver, lift up on the tab. Start pulling those apart. We need to remove the two screws at the front holding on the front panel. We’ll take our 5/16th nut driver to remove those. ‘To remove the front panel simply lift up and pull back. and set it to the side. Next we’re going to need to disconnect the two wire terminals at the moisture sensor here We’ll just pull those off. Next we’ll remove the bulkhead. In order to do that, we need to loosen the top two screws and then remove the four bottom screws. In order to remove the front of the bulkhead, we’re going to need to lift up on the front till these keyed nuts are released. And then just push back on the drum a bit. There is a wheel at the bottom of the bulkhead that needs to be released. And then we can set this to the side. Next we are going to release the tension on the belt in order to get the drum out. In order to do this we are going to need to reach behind the motor and feel for the idler pulley. Alright so I am going to take off my gloves so I can make sure that I can get a good feel for what’s going on back there. So we’re gonna reach back find that pulley we’re gonna push the pulley to the right to release some tension so that we can get the belt off the motor. and that’ll release the tension so that we can get the drum out. And now we can lift up on the drum by the belt to take it out. and set it to the side. In order to remove the idler pulley we’ll start by removing the idler spring. Just pull down on the spring and unhook it from the motor housing. you can unhook it from the pulley as well. set that to the side because we are going to need to reuse it. There’s a 3/8th inch bolt holding on the idler pulley so we’ll take our nut driver to remove that. You can take out our old one. And then we can take our new idler pulley, place it where the old one was make sure that tab goes into the slit. and then place that bolt. put that in nice and tight. Then lastly just to need replace that spring. Hook it in from the bottom with the big end of the spring. and then hook the small end into the motor housing hole. Now we can replace the drum by lifting up on the belt and placing it back into the dryer. Make sure that the belt is about 3/4 of the way back onto the drum and that the ribbed side is facing the drum. And now we can rehook up the belt to the idler pulley in the motor. We’ll need to reach back underneath We’re gonna lace the belt through the bottom of the idler pulley. and push the idler pulley to the right. loop it around the motor. And then give it a spin to make sure that it is all lined up. Next we can the front of the bulkhead. We’ll start by lining up the exhaust on the bottom. push the drum back. It has to sit on the support rollers. And then just lift the bulkhead onto the keyed holes. And we can start sewing in the screws that we removed. And now we can reconnect the wires. Black on the bottom, yellow on top. Now we’re ready to replace the front panel. So we’ll just line that up it has to go on those bottom hooks. Lift slightly up and push in those bottom hooks. Rescrew in the front panel screws. Reconnect the door switch. Now we can close the lid. You may just need to push in the tabs just a little bit. and then you can just push the top down. Not too hard right. Here’s a quick recap. All of our OEM parts and tools are available for purchase on our website. Check ’em out along with our social media sites here.

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  1. Timothy Jon Kiep says:

    my Whirlpool Cabrio WED7300XW0 uses the same idler pulley. Is the cabinet access/disassembly process the same? It appears similar in almost all ways. I just want to know if the steps illustrated in the video are how I need to gain access to replacing my worn idler pulley.

  2. Johnny Bacon says:

    amazing that you guys do this. definitely ordering from you when i have mine pulled apart

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